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In What Ways Can A Critical Analysis Of ‘Management’ Be Beneficial For The Society?

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Management is a term which has been studied and adapted into life to a very large extent that is has become hegemonic. Today, management is present is all spheres of life ranging from birth, education, health and even to death. Given its growing relevance, this paper will be examining the critical analysis of management. Given the limited space of this essay, I will be using 2 well known economists for this topic: Max Weber and Zygmunt Bauman. And to develop further on their work and analysis, different journals shall be referred to as well. This paper will show that such analyses are not always beneficial to the society as a whole and benefits vary depending on the approach of analysis. This paper will address ‘management’ from a very broad perspective. By doing so, we can obviate the problems related to the complexity of the term’s definition and usage in life. It will then conclude on the finding of the analysis of management given by the two economists and state the final overview of the benefits a society can gain from a critical analysis of management.
Max Weber on management
Max weber was an economist who has been frequently associated with the theory of bureaucracy as a ‘form of organization’ (Adler, 2012, pp. 244-266). In his famous book: The Theory of Social and Economic Organisations (1968), he presents a model for management which when adopted, allows firms and the society to have efficiency and effectiveness. His analysis of which type of structure is best for management, has been widely adopted in many large organisations, especially after recognising the benefits that are to be gained from doing so. He explains how different features of bureaucracy are present in different areas of the society and signifies that without bureaucracy, the society would not ‘function’.
According to the author Paul S.A (2012), Weber has presented two features of bureaucracy as being as ‘an enabling tool for organizing large-scale cooperation and a coercive weapon for exploitation’ (pg246). Weber also gives the key elements that form the modern bureaucratic organisation : (1) extensive written rules that cover all regular operations; (2) for technical efficiency, there should be specialized departments; (3) system of hierarchy where higher offices supervise the lower ones; (4) formal training in the prin¬ciples of management and in their special area of expertise; and (5) official duties that require the full competence of the official so that bureaucratic responsibilities are central to the activities (Weber, 1968 : 956−958).
The analysis of the key features and elements, has allowed the 21st century organisations to grow fast using the structure provided by him. Without his analysis, such large businesses would not have survived with stability this long and time would have been spent in still studying and trying to understand what management’s role is. His five features have allowed for financial stability, professionalism, better...

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