In Love With My Best Friend

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Losing someone who cannot be replaced by anyone else is harder than losing millions of dollars. I have been deeply affected by my experiences learning to overcome all of the emotional disturbances, finding that there are things that cannot be forgotten, and gaining knowledge about the uniqueness of the friendship. When my best friend Ilija told me that he and I were going to go to Chicago on a dinner date. I didn’t know how much my life would have changed completely till I realized I was almost going to lose him.
We friends but not just your average friend you see here and there, we were best friends. There wasn’t a single thing we didn’t do together, whether it was playing soccer, walking on the street acting crazy, ditch school for what ever reason one was tired or something was going on in the Chicago that one or both didn’t want to miss. We had the best times together, but unfortunately life almost took all that from me. Sometimes I still catch myself asking why it had to happen, my best friend, a person who I trusted with everything, the one person who knew exactly how to make me happy even when I was mad at him, the one person who made everything seem so simple but would create some of the best moment in my life. He was the type of friend who would give everything in his power in order to strengthen our friendship, even though there was nothing that could weaken it.
It was June 14, 2011. I will never forget that day. He came over excited for our little date out in Chicago. We told my parents bye and that we were going out to Greek-town for dinner a restaurant called Pegasus and after we were just going to walk around the city.
It was only an hour drive to the restaurant but it seemed a lot shorter while we were laughing and being our usual dorky selves. The front of the restaurant Pegasus was white brick and all windows, which open onto the sidewalk during the warm summer evening. We walked inside, it felt like we really were in Greece the bright white walls, blue railings, and stunning detailed hand painted pictures of Greece and the ocean surrounding the gorgeous architecture. We were escorted upstairs outside on the rooftop where you can see the sun setting and the sky turning an array of bright colors merged together. We ate our dinner I got the Garides Aegean, which was Spaghetti topped with sautéed shrimp with aromatic sauce of tomatoes, herbs, shallots, garlic, fresh basil and feta cheese, while Ilija got the Garides Yuvetsaki, which was gulf shrimp baked with traditional pasta all in a clay pot with tomatoes, olive oil, fresh herbs and myzithra cheese topped with béchamel sauce.
After dinner Ilija and I just went for a walk around the city by the bean and sat on the grass talking. It really was a perfect night just sitting under the moon light with my best friend, talking about our future and people watching. He asked, “Do you see me in your future?”
I replied instantly, “ Of course what kind of a stupid question is that?”...

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