In Macbeth, Sleep Was Meant As A Sanctuary Or A Safe Haven But As The Play Progresses Sleep Becomes Fear And Not Being Able To Think Clearly Which Gives You A Whole Different Perspective In Life.

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A day without sleep is bad enough with all the headaches and feeling tired. How much more if you haven't slept in weeks or even a whole year. Sleep can be defined as a natural periodic state of rest for the mind and body. In Macbeth, sleep was meant as a sanctuary or a safe haven but as the play progresses sleep becomes fear and not being able to think clearly which gives you a whole different perspective in life. Sleeping is a way to free your minds and it can make you feel safe, away from all the troubles in your minds. As we sleep we dream, those dreams can represent a persons inner thoughts about what they want and what they need. Our dreams can be like church a place we find comfort in, a place that can feel like home and a place with hope. We can dream about experiences, about doing something so extra-ordinary and about what we want to happen in our lives. When Macbeth slept, he was harmless, so innocent and so pure, as to anyone you observe when they're sleeping. Sleep can be a place we can take our anger out without hurting anyone. Sleep can also be represented as the core goodness of our hearts, it can be our conscience and/or our values and beliefs. As Macbeth lived in Scotland he believed that in fighting with the Norwegians he was being loyal to his country and his king. As sleep can be our conscience as well, whenever someone does something wrong they tend to have troubles sleeping. Sleep symbolizes what is right and what is wrong, sleep is the bright light that calls upon us to our rooted goodness and to do good. By sleeping you dream and in those dreams you can picture your desires and ambitions but you can also picture what you fear the most. When Macbeth murdered King Duncan in his sleep it was as if Macbeth had also killed the goodness in peoples life. After King Duncan died has had troubles sleeping. Macbeth couldn't sleep because everytime he closed his eyes, he would see Duncan's face, the way he looked at him and he feared it. By killing Duncan he had the idea that others would do the same to him. He was scared that he had set off the idea that if you want to become king all you have to do is kill the king that's reigning. Then came...

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Sleep in Macbeth Essay

725 words - 3 pages and disguises himself as a jubilant king, but the cracks start to show as Macbeth caves under the stresses of guilt and fear. At a feast in Macbeth’s honor, Macbeth loses control and sees an apparition of Banquo, whom he had just had assassinated. The lords at the feast begin to see how crazy the mad king really is, but Lady Macbeth tries to explain that Macbeth is just tired. “You lack the seasons of all of natures, sleep.” By this, she means

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964 words - 4 pages Cawdor shall sleep no more, Macbeth shall sleep no more"(II.ii.58-60)! At this point the reader does not really think much of this warning, assuming it to merely be Macbeth's guilty conscience rather than anything important.  But as the signs of the voice's prophecy begin to surface like the symptoms of a disease, Macbeth slowly becomes irrational and ruthless.  This is partially due to the, "terrible dreams, that shake [him] nightly

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