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In Mary Sheriff's Opinion, What Is The Subject Of Elisabeth Vigee Lebrun's Painting Self Portrait 1790 ?

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As the art historian Mary Sherrif proposes, the subject of Elisabeth Vigee-Lebrun's Self Portrait 1790 is undeniably the artist herself, and the art of painting. In this composition her face lit by bounced light Vigee-LeBrun looks towards the spectator, she is seated upright, posed and poised very much in an aristocratic manner in front of her canvas. She holds a paint brush in one hand, and a palette and collection of brushes in the other sketching a portrait of Marie-Antionette.Sheriff suggests that at the essence of Vigee-Lebrun's self-portrait lies the act of painting, the will to art; where the artist's playing of roles; between artist and sitter testify simultaneously switching between the vanity and irony that concomitantly is depictive of artistic dedication to self-portraiture. There appears a desire to proclaim; through the representation of Vigee-LeBrun herself, and a necessity to move past; through the partial illustration of Marie-Antionette and the act of painting, the feeling of one-ness.Accordingly as Sheriff states, "Making the portrait was itself a gesture of self affirmation" whereby Vigee-Lebrun not only highlights her role as a proficient artist; a woman artist at her easel with brushes and palette in hand, but she underscores her formally important position as a painter to the Queen by depicting an unfinished likeness of Marie-Antionette on her canvas. She is utilizing her skills as a woman artisan to promote herself through the large scale of the composition; 100cm x 80cm in dimensions, much the same way she was commissioned to immortalize her...

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