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In N Out Burger Vs Jack In The Box

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There are many fast food places to choose from in the southwest region of the country. Two of the most common fast food restaurants are In-N-Out Burger and Jack in the Box. I have personally been employed at both of these establishments. The difference between the two is quality, price, and working environment.
One of the major differences between the two restaurants is the quality of their food and their services better provided to the customer. In-N-Out Burger is all 100% fresh product. The meat is never frozen, the lettuce is handpicked every day, and the potatoes are peeled and diced daily. The meat that In-N-Out receives is fresh and needs to be prepared in order for the restaurant to serve it. The morning crew arrives at 6am to do many things and one of those duties is to prepare the meat for the day. They have to shape, and season the meat before it can be pressed and cooked. The truck comes everyday with the calculated amount of sales. However, Jack in the Box receives frozen product. Calculated sales weekly and the trucks come only two days a week. The lettuce arrives at the store pre-cut and ready for use in the restaurant. Everything that comes off the truck just needs to be heated-up in order to serve. Another difference is the quality of the stores employees. In-N-Out Burger’s employees always have a positive attitude. They will always go out of their way to make sure all customers are 100% satisfied. The employees make sure that every visit is one to remember and that the customer will always come back for that amazing customer service. Conversely, Jack in the Box’s employees is quite different. Their employees are careless, and have negative attitudes. They do not care if customers are un-satisfied. Their service is very poor and lacks what the normal restaurant standards should be. Next to quality, price is another key point that has a huge impact on the customer’s perspective.
In-N-Out Burger’s Pricing is a little less than Jack in the Box. In-N-Out has better quality meals for the price. The food is cheaper because it is fresh, so it will expire in that day. Jack in the Box’s food will expire, but not in any time soon. The prices are higher for a food that contains more preservatives. The price for a meal is almost double for a lower quality item. The price of In-N-Out Burger appeals to a wider range of customers....

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