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In Order To Be Happy You Must Be Beautiful

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Well I am going to start off by saying that there is no wrong or right in this statement. Beauty is something that is very rare and therefore if you possess it, it should be displayed with pride and you have every right to feel happy about it.However it is very easy to abuse this quality of yours and it can harm the people around you as well as yourself. It could turn you into a selfish person and cause you to disrespect those around you by making you thinking that you are superior to them just because of a materialistic characteristic. People will hate you for and you will fall into the category of the selfish ...view middle of the document...

There is obviously the minority that actually love each other.Beauty also lasts for a very brief period. Anyone you make fun of will always have the last laugh when you are fifty and those rosy cheeks start to sag, thick creases tracking across your forehead. Everyone will be equal and you will have lost your most prized asset. all those hundreds of hours in front of the mirror, the thousands of Rands spent on assortments of creams, the manicures, the hairstyles, will be wasted and you will be wishing you had rather spent all that effort to spend another day with your parents.Beauty is certainly not the only way to feel happy. In fact if you base your source of happiness on your looks then you might as well throw your life away. True happiness is only found in the people around. Nothing you have will make you truly happy, you will either lose interest in it or it will fade away; as in the case of beauty. If you are ugly you will never be pretty without surgery and if you are pretty it is guaranteed that you will lose that prized possession of yours either through accident or time.Therefore I conclude that you have every right in the world to be happy and share your beauty with the rest of the world but you must also not let your beauty become the centre focus in your life. Your beauty is a minor bonus in life to you; it is fragile physically and can change you mentally if you are not too careful.

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