In Order To Find Out How Things Really Are, One Must Understand The Filters Which One Perceives The World.

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There are several problems that will be encountered when answering this question. Firstly, it is difficult to establish the accuracy of information collected. There are also limitations to how much we can know. During our approach towards knowledge, we are also hindered by the biases and possible uncertainties derived. How do we actually know what the filters are, when we are not even certain about how things really are? Simultaneously, we do not even know whether what we perceive is really what we perceive! Before I give my views on the question, I would like to define what filters are. Filters are objects that only allow certain things to pass through them. In this context, the filters most probably refer to whatever stops certain information from being analysed by our brain. Our brain, and sense organs are what I perceive to be examples of filters that are located in our body. Firstly, why is our brain a filter? In order to answer this question, I would like you to search your memory bank, and recall whether you have experienced the following situations. Have you ever been in the situation in which you suddenly see a cut on your hand but felt no pain? Did the cut begin to hurt after you noticed it? Alternatively, has your mother ever told you to get the salt from the kitchen, and you were unable to find it, but when your mother went to get it personally, she plucked it out from right under your nose? The reason these events occur is likely to be because our brain is a filter itself. Initially, you felt no pain from the cut because the pain had been filtered away by your brain. At the same time, you were probably busy with something else when your mother called for assistance. Therefore, your brain filtered away the image of the salt because you were unwilling to find it. All these examples seem to show that our brain can be considered a filter, as it alters our perception. The reason why I picked our sense organs as being a filter of our perception is because; our sense organs are, generally, what we use to perceive the world in the first place. Imagine being unable to see, feel, smell, hear and taste. If that were to happen, would you even know whether you are alive or dead? Since, I have shown that there is a likelihood of our sense organs being the equipment that we use to perceive the world, it is quite obvious that our sense organs are filters, because even the most reliable equipment can fail. A person suffering from myopia might perceive what is actually the letter "Q" to be the letter "O". However, how do we find out, which is correct in the first place? Could it be that a person with a higher degree of myopia is actually closer to what things really are than someone with "perfect" eyesight? Until now, the examples of filters, which I have used as examples of filters, are all part of our body. Concurrently, there are also filters that are not found in our body. These filters, in my opinion, can be considered...

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