In Part One Of “Patchwork” The Narrator, Pumpkin, Is Nine Years Old, While In Part Two She Is 31 Years. Explain The Differences In Point Of View Between Part One And Part Two.

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Ellen Banda-Aakus' Patchwork is the pursuit for understanding, and for a place for love and kindheartedness in a world defaced by the evil of power and lust, were love and hate are the same. A hint is drawn clearly from how the story is told and the issues brought out through the eyes of a small child, who struggles with her inner self and the environment and people around her. The narrator describes the complexities of a post- colonial social and in some cases, political order, in which people strive to stay alive, and whose social relationships are complex and quite tense, throughout the novel. A much more traditional path has been followed throughout the book. Set in the 1970s, it is hard to believe that a nine year old would have such a canning mind and personality, but that is what makes the book exceptional, because between the two parts of the book so much is revealed in the characters. A clear line could be drawn from young Pumpkin, to Pumpkin as an adult, as a fair dose of sympathy for the victim is drawn and a vulnerability that is impossible to question. The essay focuses on the difference in point of view when looking at the two parts of the novel 'Patchwork'. A conclusion is drawn thereafter.The point of view is the way the author allows you to 'see' and 'hear' what's going on. The story is told in first person narrations by Pumpkin, a nine year old, suffering at the hands of her parents. We are able to see the story through her eyes and what she is thinking about. Pumpkin is a girl who has her own opinions and a wondering mind. She eavesdrops and that's how she is able to tell what other characters are doing in the story. She tells us what she hears even when other characters think she cannot hear them. She talks of how her grandma Ponga does not like her because of her Tata. She talks of how her grandma hates Tata as much as Ma (her mother) loves him (30). Pumpkin tells us how nosy she is when she goes around the farm trying to find out what Drivers real name is. She says (Aaku, 2011, 49), "…I saw it on his driving license when I was nosing around in the glove compartment of the car." In her narration pumpkin shows us this side of her that does not want other characters in the story to know that many times she's cried because of how things are around her, but instead she brings out a whole new picture on the outside.Young Pumpkin has a candid imagination and is very stubborn. She can be likened to young Dilly Shah in (Poppadom Preach), she is a spitfire bright, fearless and imaginative as she is stubborn. She pretends to be tough but that is to cover up her vulnerability. She tells us of how she has told other children on the farm that she does not cry, she explains that, "since I came to the farm I've convinced Amos, Job and the all the children here-the farm workers children-that I'm too strong to cry. What they don't know is that I've cried often in the past four weeks."(51) Dilly is also this tough gal on the outside but...

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