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In 'romeo And Juliet' Shakespeare Presents Many Aspects Of The Theme Of Love. Explore These.

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In 'Romeo and Juliet' Shakespeare uses many forms of love to great effect. It transforms characters, including Lord and Lady Capulet, Lord Montague, Paris, Romeo, and Juliet; breeds hate; over comes great barriers; and makes characters unbearably miserable or tremendously happy.The first scene the audience sees it that of the fighting between a group of Capulets and Montagues. Even this is caused by love; this time the families' love for their name and their honour. I think Shakespeare used the fight for the first scene to shock the audience, to demonstrate how the fights are "bred of an airy word", and to show how much the Capulets and the Montagues hate each other.At the start of the play, Lord Capulets' love for Juliet is demonstrated when he arranges a profitable marriage for her, but is still a bit reluctant to let her go. "My child is yet a stranger in the world, She hath not seen the change of fourteen years. Let two more summers wither in their pride Ere we may think her ripe to be a bride."Romeo is miserable with infatuation for the unattainable Rosaline in Act 1 Scene 1. Shakespeare shows the audience this with Pertrarcan sonnets, "???????", which would have been instantly recognised by the audience of the time. Lord and Lady Montague are very worried about their "heavy son", but leave it up to Benvolio to sort it out.At the end of the play Lord and Lady Capulet and Lord Montague realise that not talking to their children and not finding out how they felt, lead to their deaths.In Act 1 scene 3, the audience...

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5299 words - 21 pages Untitled Love, the simplest and most complicated thing in world. What is love? Why do we love? Is who we love written in destiny? All these questions and more pop up when we think of the world of love. `Romeo and Juliet' reveals many things we did not know in ourselves and make us think about love. There are many ways the theme of love is displayed in this play. The scenes I will be focusing on are Act1 Scene5 and Act2 Scene2

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1338 words - 5 pages -like pull, which cripples her chances of defeating her true destiny of being in love with Romeo. Fate also had control over Capulet that night too. When Tybalt tells Capulet that the villain Romeo Montague is in the Capulet?s house, Capulet had the power to send him out at any time. Instead, he tells Tybalt: ?Content thee, gentle coz. Let him alone/He shall be endured.?(Romeo and Juliet I v, 74-86) Capulet chooses not to send Romeo away which causes

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2973 words - 12 pages Theme of Love in William Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet Shakespeare seldom created his own plots for the plays he wrote and Romeo and Juliet was not an exception. It was not unusual to 'borrow' plays written by others and edit them to their own creative styles. The play "Romeo and Juliet" had been 'borrowed' several times before Shakespeares version, and the original version was actually a poem, written in Italian

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1006 words - 5 pages In the play “Romeo and Juliet”, Shakespeare shows that love has power to control one’s actions, feelings, and the relationship itself through the bond between a destined couple. The passion between the pair grew strong enough to have the capability to do these mighty things. The predestined newlyweds are brought down a rocky road of obstacles learning love’s strength and the meaning of love. The power of love controlled Romeo and Juliet's

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1055 words - 4 pages Romeo and Juliet has many themes which are fate, death and love, these are all intertwined. At the very beginning of the play, before we even know the characters, we know that ‘death-marked’ ‘Star crossed lovers’ will ‘take their lives’ which already brings in the major themes. Shakespeare uses dramatic irony throughout the play and builds up the tension until Act 3 scene 1 where death starts to play a role. The Prologue also informs us about

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2281 words - 9 pages The Theme Of Conflict In Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare The play 'Romeo and Juliet' is based on a whole variety of conflicts. Throughout the play we meet many types of conflicts and many examples of them, for example, inner conflict, emotional conflict, verbal conflict and physical conflict. Shakespeare explores these in the emotions and feelings of many characters. These come out throughout the whole play

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1709 words - 7 pages The Opposing Themes of Love and Hate in the Play Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare Throughout the play Romeo and Juliet there are two very strong emotions which threaten their relationship. These two emotions are love and hate. The love that Romeo and Juliet have is threatened by there families full of hate (Capulet and Montague). These two emotions interweave throughout the whole play. In Act 2 Scene 2 Juliet

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2568 words - 10 pages childish boy, girl love, previously believed. In contrast to the innocence of sexuality that Romeo and Juliet show, the other characters treat sex as a joke, something about which to jest in an obscene and derogatory manner. In part this ties up with the theme of innocence and experience. Shakespeare is suggesting that love exists on many levels and that, with the passing of time, comes a familiarity that can lead to

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1425 words - 6 pages ; it may come across to them as very convincing. This is because even though Romeo loved Rosaline, as soon as he saw Juliet something was powerful enough to make him instantly love her. There are also many other factors of the play which Shakespeare has created which make the reader doubt Romeo and Juliet's love and therefore love at first sight. One of these is the fact that the characters Romeo and Juliet were so young

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1045 words - 4 pages "Two households, both alike in dignity,In fair Verona (where we lay our scene),From ancient grudge break to new mutiny,Where civil blood make civil hand unclean,From forth the fatal loins of these two foes,A pair of star crossed lovers take their life."I quote this, as these six lines outline the whole play. By telling the audience this in the prologue, Shakespeare is using dramatic irony. We already know that Romeo and Juliet have to meet at

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