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Morris 1
Morris 1
Takita Morris
Mr. William Gilmore
English 4 College Prep/1st period
Tuesday, 5 September 2017
In State College/University Choice
In high school you have three out of four years to prepare for college and to still manage having fun with your best buds. Although, once you've reached your fourth year, you're a senior, and as a senior, it is usually expected of you to have your future decisions, goals, and such in mind and pretty much already figured out. For instance, if someone were to question you of your school choice or even ask " What is your college career that you look forward into pursuing in?" You should be eligible to give a reasonable response without hesitation of any sort. You have to be ahead of the game. As for me, this year is my last year in high school but I've already had my future planned out, despite the fact that in all honesty I am not 100% certain where I'd be or doing later in life. Evidently, for all I know is that I WILL graduate out of high school with my diploma and I had been planned to attend a college or University of my choice. College has always been something that I'd already thought about. On the other hand, finding and picking the college of my interest can be a bit overwhelming especially when you only can choose one out of the varieties of colleges/universities in the state of Florida. Meanwhile, after finally discovering what I am most skilled in and gain more enthusiastic in, my mind has been officially made up. The decision that I've made is to participate in the TCC2FSU program. I know what you're thinking, "oh come on, there are thousands of incredible colleges and universities and you mean to tell me that you'd rather go with the most basic choice?" When making decision, my main focus was on...

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