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In Favor Of Military Tribunals Essay

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Gwen Ethier AP Lang Comp Per 2 In Favor of Military Tribunals Who are terrorists? In the case of September 11, 2001, terrorists were people who used extreme and unorthodox methods of inspiring fear in the hearts of all Americans and people worldwide. Using airplanes to go careening into buildings, these people have shown the kinds of dangerous actions they are capable of, and America cannot run the risk of setting them free. In the case of September 11, 2001, terrorists were people motivated by hatred and religious fanaticism. Their belief is that democracy is wrong and evil, and their ?God? has sanctioned them to destroy it, but they should have considered the rights given by democracy before they attacked it; if they hate it so much, why should they be given the rights that govern it? In the case of September 11, 2001, terrorists were people who chose to use innocent civilians as targets for operations that should have been military. Committed by cowards, cowards who didn?t have the guts to face a military in battle, these acts should be punished the right way, and the right way is through military tribunals. In a military tribunal instead of civilian jurors a panel of military officers, selected by the government, would issue verdicts. A two-thirds majority would be needed to convict and sentence. ( Granted that some believe military tribunals are unfair, they are actually very just and also the safest way to try the detainees.George Cole, a professor of Constitutional Law at Georgetown University, states, ?To adopt this military tribunal is essentially to throw out the window all of the protections we have for 200 years considered critical to a fair determination of guilt.? (Tribunals Under Fire) First and foremost, fair has little to do with the legality of using military tribunals to try these detainees. Life isn?t always fair. It wasn?t fair for hundreds of innocent people to die because they live free lives, or for the thousands of others who lost loved ones. President Bush has also made it clear that he wants due process and the right to counsel for the suspects (John Dean That in and of itself conveys that these trials are not to be just ?kangaroo courts?. Also, with the media coverage of the attacks, it would be very hard to find a jury of American civilians that would honestly be impartial, and if the jury is biased, it?s hard to say that the suspect is actually getting a ?fair? trial. Also, what the average person, who is not connected with the military, knows about dealing with war crimes is minimal. A jury of military personnel, on the other hand, has experience in dealing with war crimes and would know much better how to assess them. Fairness is not the issue.In the area of constitutionality of the use of military trials, there are some who argue that since war has not ?formally? been declared it is not constitutional for the President to use them. Attorney General John Ashcroft told the...

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