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“In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth.” Before the beginning, God knew how the heavens and earth would be. All things were created, as they are, by God. All things were created, as they are, because God knew how they would be before he created them. On July 10, 1509, God created John Calvin.
Choice is the ultimate understanding of who we are, because it is an action committed individually by every human at every second for all time The choices we’ve made, whether on a conscious or unconscious level, dictate our understanding of the world around us. It shapes us into the individuals we are today. Everything is a choice. Yet, the question must be asked; are we making the choices or are we following a set path that has been laid out for us by God? Are we as humans predestined or is there free will? It is the choices that we make that decide who will enter heaven or be cast eternally to hell. John Calvin instituted what is now called Calvinism. Within Calvinism lays the suggestion that God, during the creation of everything, also created a timeline for each individual to follow. For he does truly know everything, which means he ultimately knew from the start of time the beings that will go to heaven and those that will go to hell. This is predestination.
Before we begin on John Calvin, we have to understand Martin Luther, his ninety-five theses, indulgences, and the Protestant Reformation. The Protestant Reformation was a movement started due to Roman Catholics gaining too much power through the distribution of indulgences. Indulgences were initially established as something that could be granted to individuals who preformed good work and deeds, and also for being loyal to the Church. They were an inspiration to bring Holy Spirit into daily actions and help push towards holy perfection.
Over time, the indulgences spread to focus on the sins of mankind. They began being used as a way to pardon mankind for the sins committed. Many believed that the Roman Catholic Church’s were selling them for personal gain. This spiraled into a system of gaining more power, as it is also believed that churches used the indulgences to obtain forged documents that personally aided the churches. The indulgences could be bought, and the manipulation of them ultimately reached a level where the Church could personally grant sinners out of eternal damnation. Many people, including Martin Luther, were furious about the Roman Catholics doing this. Luther believed it was not, nor would ever be, up to the Church to decide who is and is not ultimately accepted into heaven. Rather, Luther believed, God and God alone held such power. In his nine-five theses, which he posted on the doors of the catholic churches and castle in Wittenberg, Germany, Luther declared that the selling of indulgences and the church’s overall power was unholy. Luther stated that, “Christians must not slacken in following Christ on account of such false...

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