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Analysis Of In The Beginning: Bibles Before The Year 1000

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In the Beginning: Bibles Before the Year 1000 is a great exhibit for people in their teenage years and anyone older. I really like the way the web page is set up. There is a video interview playing at the start of each informational page at the top of the page and there are pictures in the video and to the right of the text of the different discoveries of ancient biblical texts. I like all of the visual aids in this exhibit. In the Beginning: Bibles Before the Year 1000 is an exhibit I would recommend to anyone interested in the history of the bible; it is very informative and user friendly. I enjoyed reading about the ways that Christianity spread throughout the world and how the bible evolved from papyrus, parchment, and animal skins to leaf-books, manuscripts, and hard cover books. I admire that the creator of the exhibit has included a “resources” tab at the top of the page for people to view a chronological list of the events talked about in the exhibit. There was also a “who’s who” section in the “resources” tab explaining who each character in the exhibit was throughout history and their importance.
In summary, the online tour was about the creation and evolution of the modern day Christian and Hebrew bibles. This exhibit shows new findings about the earliest bibles for the first time to the public. Some of the earliest works of the bible have been found in monastic libraries while others have been discovered in cathedrals. Many people have been searching the world for more information about where the bible came from and who the first people were to write it. Charles Lang Freer was an American industrialist who collected things, particularly bibles and items of historical interest. He traveled to Egypt to find out more about the bible. Also, Alfred Chester Beatty went to Egypt to find out more about the bible. He was just a mining engineer from America when he found some Egyptian dealers and bought some of the earliest pieces of biblical writings. The description on where the bibles were found is still unknown today.
Bibles were not always in the form of books. In the first four centuries, the bible was written on rolls made of papyrus. Unlike the modern way of producing bibles, the earliest bibles were written by hand. There is evidence in the exhibit showing the earliest books written in Hebrew. Some of the scrolls in the exhibit are called the Dead Sea Scrolls. They were found in the Judean desert in the 1940s and include the Second Isaiah Scroll. “The Hebrew bible has 39 books” (Earliest Scriptures; para. 2). and was created over many centuries. “Scribes called Masoretes showed the pronunciation of words and the first divisions of paragraphs and verses” (Earliest Scriptures; para. 2). “Jews and early Christians used a Greek translation called...

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