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In The Beginning Creation Stories From Around The World

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Summary and analysis of each myth from the book In the Beginning: Creation Stories from Around the World.The Pea Pod ManThe pea pod man is about raven the creator. He creates this pea pod plant and in the pod is a man. When man falls out of the pod, he grows up and drinks some of the water around him and doesn’t know how to explain the feeling. The raven flies at him and then turns into a human and starts asking the man questions. Since the man hasn’t eaten the raven tells him to wait while he went and got him something to eat. He waits for 4 days and the raven comes back with wild berries he just made. Then the raven and the man go to the river to make a sheep, the raven puts the sheep in the mountains so the humans don’t kill all of them. The raven quickly makes a bear so that the humans aren’t superior to everything. Man was getting lonely so the raven made women. Then the man and women made children.Analysis: The raven is god creating every one, and trying to make things even. Like inventors, inventing things to make every thing better.Finding nightFinding night is about Quat the creator. There is a stone that splits in half and 12 brothers are created. Quat is the first one, who starts creating things. Quat has to find things and learn them instead of making them. Quat lives where there is tons of light, and that’s all there is. So Quat goes to find night. He found night and night taught him how to sleep. He takes part of night home with him and on they way he picks up all kinds of birds. So now when night ends you here the birds.Analysis: Quat searches for things and adapts and learns from what he finds. Like a scientist they try to find out new information and when they find it they have to adapt what they use to know to make sure its still true with this new knowledge.An Endless Sea of MudAn Endless Sea of Mud is about death the creator. First every thing was dark, there was Sa (death), his wife, and his daughter, that’s all there was. They had no place to live so Sa used his magical powers to create an endless sea of mud, this is where Sa built his home. Then the god Alatangana visited and said it was intolerable living conditions. So the god changed the mud into what we know as earth. And the god also populated it with plants and animals. Sa was very grateful for every thing the god had done, and welcomed the god to their new house. Soon after Alatangana asked to marry Sa’s daughter, but Sa said no. After that the good and the daughter got secretly married and went and hid from Sa’s anger in a far corner of the earth. They had 14 children together, 7 girls and 7 boys, 3 being black and 4 being white, but they all poke different languages. The god finally went to Sa for help. Sa said he punished him for stealing his daughter, Sa said the kids needed to marry there own race. When the kids grew up they married and went to all corners of the earth. The god then asked Sa for help on lightening the...

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