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In The Book Runner Characters Overcome Loss And Hardship Through Different Methods English Essay

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In Robert Newtons novel, Runner, characters overcome loss and hardship through different methods. Characters in the book all deal with grief in different ways. Characters can distract themselves from the grief at hand to make themselves feel happier, they can make the use their grief to their advantage and make the best of the situation or a character can reshape the way they deal with grief all together. Through Robert Newtons novel, he shows that grief can come in any form and different individuals approach the situation uniquely.
Majority of the characters in Runner use a distraction to take their minds away from grief. They use a past-time to force themselves to not think about the hardship and loss that they are facing. Charlie is one of the main users of a distraction to keep his mind off his fathers death. Charlie focuses his time to running and that takes the thought of his father away from his mind. He ran around the slums of Richmond without a plan as he “drank the miles until they no longer satisfied him”. Ma also uses the same technique. She distracts herself with cleaning the house to divert her mind from her late husband. She uses non-existent guests as an excuse to keep cleaning. She takes on the cleaning method after the violent incident with Mr Peacock which was the last straw with Ma’s strength and resilience. Ultimately, using a distraction to divert your mind away from the loss and hardship at hand is a common way to deal with grief.
In Robert Newton’s Runner, shows how you can make the best out of a devastating situation where it seems that there is no good to be taken out of it. Nostrils uses this technique to deal with the grief of his injuries. In the Novel, Nostrils is depicted as a star Australian football player, through his resilient playing style. He is shown to be a very talented player. Unfortunately, during a late night liquor run for one of Melbournes most notorious...

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