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In The Classroom That I Observed I Found It Hard To Pick Just One Academic Expectation To Talk About In This Paper.

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Meeting Academic Expectations in the ClassroomIn the classroom that I observed I found it hard to pick just one academic expectation to talk about in this paper. Out of six classes that I observed I have chosen three that I believe meeting the academic expectations fully.One class that I found that meet the expectations number 2.22 is Mrs. Philips photography class. In this expectation she lets the students develop their abilities to apply the in real life. The teacher assigned them to work on a book natural thing, for example the growth of a tree or the life a butterfly. The book could not have word, only pictures and it could be of any thing that grows or changes over time. This project was open, so that the students could be creative to portray there own point of view.In another art class that I observed the taught by Ms. Bennett also at Wagner Traditional High School. She was reviewing for a tests over the Middle ages influences on art. She meet expectation 1.1, using reference tools in the classroom. She had the students use their text books as a resources to answers questions about the topic. They also had plans to go to a computer lab to look at picture and read about the history of paintings from that time. They also had to write a short essay on a piece of work of there choice form that time period.In the Elementary School that I observed, I saw a lot of group work in the Kindergarten of Mrs. Nido. Her students worked in centers together. By working in centers they meet expectation number 5.1, thinking and problem solving. I saw the students solve problems using role play. Some students showed others how to make different things out of modeling clay. While others worked in centers like math, reading and writing. All the students in the class worked well together and came up with some creative ways to solve their problems whether it was educational like math or social like an argument.New Teacher Standards at WorkIn my observations, I found many of the new teacher standards at work. Many of the teachers that I observed use the new standards repeatedly. In my observation I found that a few teachers went above and beyond what the...

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