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In The Depths Of Gay And Lesbian Adoption

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Being for or against gay and lesbian marriage has been the topic that has started a great amount of controversy in the U.S. for the past few years. In some states gay marriage has been already been approved, but in others it has been denied. The next hot topic in the U.S. refers to the approval of gay and lesbian adoption. There are many negative and positives to this subject, whether society is for, or against gay and lesbian marriage. The act of gay and lesbian adoption should not be allowed because, yes its true we don’t get to choose our parents but we should at least be able to have a father and mother, not two fathers and or two mothers. It is also not fair for an innocent little one to get put on the spotlight and get dirty looks from others because of the adults’ choices. The embarrassment of not having a mother or father can be so overwhelming on such children that it could unfortunately lead them to taking bad actions.
While many people have different perspectives to whether gay and lesbian couples should be allowed to adopt children, we have to keep in mind that it’s not all about what society says and what they think. It’s about the personal life of the child that will be affected. As humans we have grown up knowing that a family consists of a mother and a father, not both of the same sexes. That being said every child should have the privilege to have both a mother and father like everyone else. In “Growing up with Gay Parents” the 3 year old son of Jen Bleakley and Nina Jacobson asked his lesbian mothers if he had a father. It shouldn’t be like that, yes a mother can step in and try to take the fatherly image but never will it be the same, to the little boy who sees other boys out and about with their fathers. In this same article Ashley Harness stated that usually when she’s at school she can’t focus right, simply because she’s scared someone will find out about her personal life. The point in allowing gay and lesbian couples to adopt children is so they can finally build a strong supportive happy family, but it’s never going to be possible if their own child is embarrassed to admit about their personal life outside of school. Gay and lesbian adoption may not affect society in a huge impactful way and that’s why no one really focuses on the subject and the lives that are being mentally affected in this situation. They also should have a say in how they feel and what they want
In times where we get judged by our appearances it is way easier for the children of gay and lesbian couples to feel socially rejected. Not everybody is open to others. We all have different ways of acting when we’re around different people, but if one thing for sure, is that we all are socially active one way or another. Being socially active can be good and bad all at...

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