In The Elephant, The Zoo Was Like The Miniature World.

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Do you ever wonder if some of the laws that we have should be questioned? In the Elephant, the zoo was like the miniature world. The government is symbolized by the zookeepers, the elephant symbolizes some of the crazy laws that the government make up, the children symbolizes the people who are obedient to the law and the wind symbolizes the people who questions the laws.In the Elephant, the government was symbolized by the zookeepers. The director was the President and the staff were the rest of the government. In the story, the director sends a letter to Warsaw about the elephant. He decided on his own, without asking any of the staff members, that instead of the actual real elephant, he was going to make one out of rubber. He was acting as a dictator and not as part of a team. He did what he thought was right and acted upon it without anyone knowing about it. The staff didn't feel that it was right for the director to send a letter to Warsaw which contains the idea of a rubber elephant. However, the staff didn't do anything to right this wrong, they could've sent another letter to Warsaw saying that not sending an elephant would be depriving the kids of what they should learn from this animal but they didn't, they just followed the director.The elephant was like a crazy law. It was absurd and not right. What kind of people would substitute a real elephant with a rubber one?...

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