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In The End We're All The Same

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Life and death, to some it's all the same to others, it is a beautiful thing that will come far to soon or far to late. Life can be beautiful and life can be hard, both poems The Lesson of The Moth by Don Marquis and A Waitress's Instructions on Tipping or Get the Cash Up and Don't Waste My Time by Jan Beatty show two very different point of veiws of life and dealing with it, while the Moth is happy despite the fact he know he will die once he reaches the flame, his look on life is happy while the Waitress clearly is unhappy with her life and feels better about putting down others on what she feels is the proper way to tip.

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While in Jan Beatty's poem, the feeling of bitterness is what is left in your mouth, she points out yes life is hard but the speaker is making the reader feel quilty for something that is not in their control and if spoken aloud in the real world, the waitress would be considered unhappy. Starting it off it's clear that this will not be helpful but rude as she states '20% minimum as long as the waitress doesn't inflict bodily harm' (Beatty). It's not kind to request a minimum also she's assuming that whatever waitress you have must be a good waitress, which in the real world is not true and some clearly don't deserve anything but a request for a manager. Plus the implication to over tip implies that she expects everyone who eats out is rich and those who don't shouldn't eat out at all. She wouldn't get paid if no one goes out or get any kind of tip. No one should be made to feel guilty because they made their waitress do their job. She said it best at the end 'If you're miserable, there's not enough money in the world' well the same goes towards anyone who is rude and miserable, not just the customer.

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