If You Were President Harry Truman, Would You Have Made The Decision To Drop The Atomic Bomb On Hiroshima?

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IF YOU WERE PRESIDENT HARRY TRUMAN, WOULD YOU HAVE MADE THE SAME DECISION AS HE DID, WITH DROPPING THE ATOMBOMB ON HIROSHIMA?The 6th of August 1945 was a day that people will always remember with terror. On this day, an atomic bomb was used by the U.S. against Japan, in the city of Hiroshima. This was the first time in world history. Before this sad event, Japan and the U.S. were having conflicts with each other because Japan tried to invade parts of Europe and the Pacific. In an attempt stop Japanese aggressions, the U.S. decided to stop the sale of war materials, such as iron and oil, to Japan. This angered the Japanese, and after peacetalks failed, the Japanese made a surprise attack on Pearl Harbor. After this attack, the U.S. declared war on Japan. The two nations fought until after both Atom bombs were dropped (Ellis, 381-382). Through the orders of U.S. President Harry Truman, 13 sq. km were deserted, 70, 000 of 76, 000 buildings were destroyed, more than 70, 000 people were instantly killed, 122, 000 died later, due to the effects of the bombings, and 246, 000 more were severely injured (Söhr, 2). In this essay I want to explain why I would not have bombed Hiroshima like Harry Truman did, although there might have been several reasons to justify his decision.Trumans main reason for dropping the bomb was that it was necessary to stop the war, since the only other way would have been an invasion of Japan which ,as he believed, would have caused an immense loss of lives on both sides. I believe it was not necessary, since war was already won in Europe, and the U.S. could now focus entirely on the war in the Pacific (Ellis, 381-382). The Japanese would have to surrender sooner or later anyway because the economy and military were totally destroyed, and there was no navy .The US had also set up a blockade that would prevent Japan from receiving any supporting materials, and the air force , or the remainder that still existed, was not able to fight the US-bombers (Sternal, 2). Therefore, there was no possibility for the Japanese to win or continue the war over a long period of time.Because the battle of Guadalcanal showed Truman that the Japanese were not going to surrender easily and would fight to their deaths, he claimed that the bombing was justified by declaring that the bomb would save more lives than lost by a US invasion of Japan (Long, 2). This statement is only an assumption because nobody knew what the bombs effects were, since this was the first time somebody used it on humans. Another reason why this argument doesn't justify Trumans decision is because he could not have known how many people would have died due to the fact that there never had been an invasion of Japan yet. Even if he could have known how many people would have died, I seriously doubt that he knew how many people the bomb would have killed as well, again, because this was the first usage of the weapon.Thirdly, even though the Japanese didn't seem willing to...

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