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In The Eyes Of Others Essay

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The U.S incarcerates more adults that any other country in the world. According to the International Centre for Prison Studies there are approximately 2.2 million adults in jail in this country today. With this huge number of people in the U.S serving time many judges are scrounging to find alternative ways of punishment to reduce the over 50 billion dollar budget that these jails cost the taxpayers each year. One controversial new method is the use of public humiliation or “shaming”. These sentences are often left up to the assailant to either choose a humiliating punishment or to serve time in jail. Some examples may include wearing a sandwich board claiming that you stole from a store or ...view middle of the document...

Shaming benefits the convicted by allowing them to be able to support them self while serving out their punishment. Many activist of shaming say this public display can cause the defendant to lose their job and livelihood from the public backlash. But doesn’t going to jail share the same problem that they would no longer be able to hold their job. Also most companies look at their employee’s records to determine if they even qualify for the position. So consequently both outcomes have the same effect on the convicted person. Shaming brings the situation to light sooner and in a more public manner. However, I believe employers shouldn’t be allowed to terminate an employee because of his shamming sentence. I believe that that would follow under similar grounds as the double punishment laws which are not allowed. I believe that there should be a law that states employer cannot terminate an employee who is already being punished by the law without probable cause that the persons work is being affected because of his or hers behavior. The idea of being publicly humiliated may be an ever better deterrent against crime then the threat of prison in many cases.
Today social media has become a major part of many of or life’s. Programs such as Facebook, Twitter, And Instagram are just a few of the ways that people are keeping in touch. With these social networks it is possible for people to keep in touch with many more people than ever before. Many people have their life on display daily for the world to see and...

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