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In The Furture Essay

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I looked around, completely freaked out. I admit, I probably shouldn’t have been poking around in the forbidden science lab, but rumors where flying about a time machine, and I simply couldn’t resist. So, of course, I got lost in time, in the future by the looks of it. I am in a rectangular room, and one of the walls was made of glass, like a huge window. I peeked out and gasped. The building I was in was really tall, towing above cloud level. The clouds looked like a bed of marshmallow, and buildings popped out, some towing above others, getting narrower at the top. They reminded me of large, shiny toothpicks. The whole scene was absolutely breathtaking. ...view middle of the document...

“Wat r u gona wer?” The lady said, talking in a really short slang.
“Idk but probs dat rid dris” Said the hologram, in a slightly different accent.

The lady didn’t even notice me as she walked by. I had the feeling I could scream and jump around and she probably wouldn’t look at me. She just walked on, her heels echoing down the hall, eyes fixed on the hologram.

I headed in the opposite direction, and eventually found what I assumed to be an elevator. When I walked into it a woman's voice spoke out of no where.

“Welcome. Please state which floor you would like to travel too.”
“Uh,” I said, glancing around “First floor, I guess”
The elevator shot down so fast it felt like I left my stomach at the top. When the doors opened a minute later, I gladly wobbled out. What I saw didn’t help my already dizzy head. People dressed in similarly flashy and exposing outfits milled around, all talking or listening to the holographic devices. The bumped into each other, apparently so focused on the screen that they didn’t pay attention to where they were going. Everyone had either had queer hair and skin shades, or disproportional body parts, like long eyelashes and fingers. Many people had both. Some fashion trend. I guess that these people need eye catching outfits because their eyes are clearly usually focused on their screen. Or they are just complete weirdos. What ever. When I finally managed to shove my way out the door, I couldn’t believe what I was seeing.

I was in a large city, with cars zooming down the street so fast they were a blur. People were talking or texting on their strange phones, and small robots were assisting the elderly or disabled. But there was something wrong with this fascinating futuristic scene. I didn’t notice it at first, but when I looked down I realised that the ground was littered with trash. Plastic floated around my feet, and the smell wasn’t the greatest thing in the world. I saw a couple small robots trying to clean, but they seemed overwhelmed with all the garbage. I wandered down the street and peered down the alley ways. It was horrible. The alleys were dark and smelt even worse, and I saw a small little home made out of cardboard and plastic, where a little kid sat there, skinny and obviously hungry. Other homeless people sat hunched over, eyes dark and empty. Since I am a horrible person who only cares about myself, I turned the other way and ran from the scene. After a while I slowed down I looked up. The sky was completely covered in clouds and yellowish brown. Above the thick layer of clouds it was stunning, but I had a feeling eventually it wouldn’t be that way.

While I was continuing my adventure, a stand caught my...

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