In The Gate To Womens Country

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In The Gate to Womens Country

Evolutionary gender determinism proves that men and women are different, not only in a physical way, but in a psychological way as well. As far as history can determine, men were always the hunters who were dominant and competitive. On the other hand, women were known as the gathers, who were cooperative and capable of doing several things at a time. Since men and women are different in their make up. It is a struggle for the two genders to live together and maintain equality and harmony without one gender dominating over the other. In The Gate to Womens Country, Sheri Tepper brings forth a solution that allows the two genders to coincide with each other. She gives a somewhat feminist view in her novel, which takes place some three hundred years into the future. She paints a picture stating that total control and dominance by men would wipe out the world. In order for all mankind to survive, the women and a few select men were forced to come together and make decisions that would change things forever. This novel is filled with situations where each gender takes advantage of the opposite and uses them to profit their own society; however, each gender not only took advantage of the opposite gender, but often their own gender as well.

This novel is based around two societies, one of which is governed by women and the other consists of male warriors. Womens Country is a community where women live in a city bordered by block walls. They live in this city with their children and servitors. Servitors are men who decided to live in the Womens Country instead of living in the garrisons with the other men. The women handled everything in these cities and made up the entire city council. This country they had high standards of education, where women were expected to always expand their education. In Womens Country they produced food, technology, did arts, crafts and controlled the trade. These were all important and necessary in order to maintain their land.

Another very important and key element for Womens Country was the garrisons. The garrison is located outside the walls of Womens Country. This is where the male warriors live and most of the time they played games. Their main reason was to fight and protect from other garrisons, especially when trade was not going well. At the age of five all male children were given up by their mothers and sent to live here with their proud fathers, or so they thought. The men took extreme pride in bringing their sons to the garrisons, where they prepared and influenced them to become warriors. The men in the garrisons protected Womens Country because their offspring, pride, and manhood lived within.

Twice a year there were carnivals, which is when Womens Country and the men from the garrisons got together to drink, party, and to have assignations. After participating in these events all women must have a clean bill of health before returning. If they failed, they were...

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