In The Long Run Everyone Will Benefit From Globalization.

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Globalization is a term which became popular in the 1980's to describe the increasing movement of people, knowledge, goods and money across nation-state boundaries which has led to increased interconnections amongst the worlds population; economically, politically and culturally. Although many think of the term in relation to economics, this process has political and cultural implications as well.There are optimistic and pessimistic approaches to the globalization argument and in this assignment, I intend to outline and evaluate the optimist's argument, which is that 'all will benefit from globalization.'"Globalization is a promise of efficiency in spreading the good things of life to those who lack them." (Managing globalization pg x1)As a general overview, optimists describe as the ongoing global trend toward the freer flow of trade and investment across boarders and the resulting integration of the national economy. Because it expands economic freedom and encourages competition globalization raises productivity and living standards of all. Globalization for less developed countries encourages faster growth, in turn promoting poverty reduction, democratisation and higher labour and environmental standards. It also gives citizens greater individual freedom to express views and experience cultures through such mediums as television and the internet, which encourage understanding around the world.With regards cultural benefits and globalization optimists point to the growth and spread of new technologies such as the telephone and internet as bringing about positive cultural changes world wide. Cultural differences and changes are the most direct and obvious way in which most people experience the interconnections of globalization. Evidence has shown that"cultural imports and exports increased by nearly sixfold between 1970 and 1980" (ou pg 49)They would site the democratic and participatory nature of the internet as an important devise for activist groups such as greenpeace who use it to raise awareness and encourage discussion. As unregulated media, which has the capacity to transcend nation-states and operate without governmental control, it allows people from different cultures to develop shared understanding.Rheingold talks of how the internet allows an alternative to the mass media structure; by bypassing the mass media more individualistic views and ideas can be voiced, and heard. Mass media such as Rupert Murdock's news corporation hold huge amounts of media power and access to alternative information is consequently difficult. The emphasis now falls on the individual to seek and provide such information, rather than passively receiving mass media.Pessimistic globalises have many problems with the theories stated. Their first point would be that around 88% of internet use takes place in the west, with telephone coverage dependant on where masks are placed and over two billion of the worlds population still without electricity it does seem...

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