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In The Minds Of Male And Female Leaders Ftcc Introduction To Business I Research Paper

830 words - 4 pages

Morgan McKinney
Mr. Ray D. Walters
BUS 137-2901SP
24 April 2017
In the Minds of Male and Female Leaders
There’s not a doubt in one’s mind that men and women think, feel, and act differently than one another. But how do those of the opposite sex differ when it comes to leadership? How affective are each teaching tactics? Is one gender a superior leader than the other? Men and women’s leadership skills are different in the way they communicate, how they reward, and the way they brand themselves (Difference).
Men and women communicate very differently when leading or instructing a group of individuals. Women tend to be more calm and cooperative. In the workforce, there’s always tasks and problems that need to be solved. With these obstacles, females often want their employees to find the path to success on their own (Difference). Studies show that women inhabit a style where “leaders and their followers raise one another to higher levels of morality and motivation”. This style is often known as Transformational Leadership (Battle).
Men, on the other hand, always want to be more in charge and control. Unlike women, who allow individuals to find out the path on their own, men often have a very different approach. They like to point their employee in the right direction (Difference). Men are known to be Transactional Leaders, well old school leaders. These old-school tactics have three main parts: remaining uninvolved to allow their employees to focus, waiting until problems have expanded tremendously, and only engaging to provide discipline and orders when needed (Battle).
In order to keep employees and learners happy and motivate, many employers and leaders often provide them with some kind of reward when it is necessary. Women give rewards in satisfaction and self-worth. With self-worth comes finding their identity, the person they’re meant to be (Difference). Women have been found to have higher levels of, “the cuddle hormone”, Oxytocin. This hormone explains why females often feel more attachment and connection to their subordinates. They care about the process that makes the success, not just the ending result (Battle).
Incentives like promotions, dinner, and gifts are given by men in order to provide them a sense of satisfaction (Difference). Men are neurologically trained to skip straight to the rewards. Because of this, males tend to fast forward through what it took to get to the final success; therefore, missing out on the relationships and character building that they could have witnessed along the way (Battle).
To brand oneself means to tell others about their successes...

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