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In The Name Of Love To Exercise The Right To Revenge

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The famous French writer Victor Hugo said, “Hamlet like each of us real, but must be greater than us. He is a giant, is a real person. Since Hamlet is not you, not I, but for all of us. Hamlet is not a person, but people ("Victor Hugo Quotes.")”. This means that our body can be seen in the shadow of Hamlet, he is such a real life live around us, familiar and strange. Hamlet is a person, a person who has love, just like us, but when the love is gone, he will revenge his dead loves. Love is the source of power, doesn’t matter the loved one is alive or dead, it will help you to grow up or to be changed. In William Shakespeare’s book “Hamlet,” the protagonist Hamlet is a prince who watched friend, mother and lover died. So he finally could not suppress the thoughts of revenge, killed the wicked king, who killed his father, his friends, his mother, make himself become wildly out of control. No matter who destroyed the “love” of others, he will receive the endless revenge, because “love” just like forbidden lamella of dragon, nothing could stop this kind revenge. Just because the “love” can make people become blind, in front of love, everything is so small.
The protagonist Hamlet had a deep love for his father, and his father is his role model, but his uncle killed his father, he became Hamlet’s sworn enemy. “See what a grace was seated on this brow, /An eye like Mars’ to threaten and command, /A station like the herald Mercury/ New- lighted on a -kissing hill, / A combination and a form indeed/ Where every god did seem to set his seal/ To give the world assurance of a man( Act 3. Sc. 4.65-72). Through hyperbole, Hamlet shows readers that inside the Protagonist Hamlet’s heart the father figure is as high as incomparable. His father in his eyes are the only perfect man in the world, who fusion man characteristics of many gods. Therefore, nobody could replace his father in his heart, he extremely love his father. So he went to figure out the truth after his father died, he can’t accept his beloved father is died, and he found the truth. That’s the reason that he is full of hatred for the men who killed his father and revenge him at any price.
Furthermore, the protagonist Hamlet and Laertes are very good friends before, but because of Hamlet accidentally killed Laertes’s father, so everything becomes upset up. But they are best friends, so true friendship never fades away, and Hamlet sincerely request Laertes to forgive him. “Let my disclaiming from a purposed evil/ Free me so far in your most generous thoughts/ That I have shot my arrow o’er the house/ And hurt my brother (Act 5. Sc. 2.255-259). Through the mood, Hamlet shows readers that good friends can understand and forgive each other, not because of dignity or ridiculous face and lost the precious friendship. Just like Hamlet and Laertes,...

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