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Teddy GargiuloPolish 150Professor Underhill9 May 2014In The Name Of……In the name of the Father, The Son, and of the Holy Spirit, Amen. In the name of repression. In the name of denial. In the name of conformity. In the name of withholding your true desires, because you are already taken, taken by God. In the name of priesthood, we ask you to uphold your celibacy. In the name of the laws of Catholicism, we call on you to repent for your sins. In the name of all that is holy, we urge you to not give in to your indulgent homosexual desires, and if you have, in the name of the laws of Catholicism, we ask you to repent for you sins. In the name of Christ, if you are gay, please, join the priesthood. You can hide with us. It will be your penance. In the name of the Father, The Son, and of the Holy Spirit, Amen.In the Name Of, a 2013 Polish gay themed film, directed by Malgoska Szumowska, details the life of repressed gay priest, Father Adam, who works at a reformatory school in the Polish countryside. The movie fleshes out a sleuth of gay-related issues including closeted frustration, suicide, and the ever present stigma that continues to perpetuate those former struggles. This stigma, in large part, is due to Poland's devout Catholic following. And it's seen not only in Father Adam's struggles, but in the boys at the school, where "fag" is a common utterance amongst them. What Szumowska sought to place most emphasis on, however, was on the lonely life of father Adam; an expose of how any priest lives an essentially estranged life devoid of connection. She purposely did not want to try to critique blind faith, the Catholic Church, or its followers that condemn homosexuality. In an interview following an early screening, Szumowska said "We were really conscious that we wanted to make a film that is not judgmental." And the effects of Szumowska's intentions are clear, for In the Name Of is the product of art that seeks not to make a statement, but to portray the elements of life that are prevalent in a deeply religious Polish society. And in this way, a critique comes more naturally for the viewer. It is felt by experiencing the way that many of the characters tragically suffer from living in an environment that deems their authentic selves impermissible. Interestingly enough, her priority was not even to make apparent gay struggles in Poland, but her willingness to even include gay characters, and specifically a gay protagonist, is quite revolutionary for Polish cinema. And so indirectly, In the Name Of serves as a film that highlights many ways in which gay individuals suffer in Poland. They suffer from addiction, anger, suicide- all terrible things to see unfold- but the most profound symptom touched upon is loneliness. [1:]This was one of Szumowska's main points when making her film. She insists that "The movie is more about loneliness. I used to be a Catholic. I know...

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