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"In The National Gallery" By Doris Lessing

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Can you be successful and happy at the same time


Can you be successful and happy at the same time? Is the main key to success self-promotion? Today you need to be a DJ, photographer or even gay, if you want to be successful, but what if these things are forced on you? Do you go insane if you suppress your past? Sometimes we care more about how other people see us, but are perfection and happiness the same thing?

We know through science how genetics can shape a personality, but that's not the only factor in the complex of shaping a person for example heredity and environment. These are some of the subjects in the short story ,,Abduction" by Shelagh Delaney

"Abduction" was published in the Comma Press in 2002 and is about Ann, a successful pediatrician from Manchester, who moves to London because of work. Ann seems like a perfect outcome of the State Educational System. When she gets herself thoroughly established, she goes back to her childhood home to abduct her younger brother. Her brother is 16 and has just finished high school. She pushes him through college even though he doesn't really want to. Ann is very dominant which is shown on page 3 "Soon he was enrolled in college doing media studies. He had no interest in media". She spends all of her time making sure that he gets a good education and in the end a well paid job. To Ann, money is the main key to a perfect and happy life. The Brother marries Marianne and when they get pregnant, Ann reacts by advising them to get an abortion. She now intervenes in not only her brother's life but in three individuals' lives. Later on Marianne kicks the brother out of their house because he has built up an alcohol problem but still Ann is to perfect to accept her brother's problem and takes him back with her again. After a while she does accept the fact that he has a problem and he starts getting sober. After a little more than a year of being sober he start thinking about starting over, having a new life and if that's even possible. A few weeks later Ann finds him dead in the back yard under a tree with an open bottle of whisky.

Abduction begins in medias res, with the narrator commentating on some events which later makes the story. The narrator comment gives a bad impression of Ann ,, I ran trough every thriller I've ever read…I wouldn't risk being executed.." page 1 top. The short story is written in two different types of narrators. In the beginning a first person narrator ,,I wanted to do her in". 1. Page, And in the rest of the story third person narrator. The narrator is subjective in the beginning, which gives an inside view of Ann. The inside view is shown on page 1 line 17 "Being only a few years older I remembered those days too…". The narrator must be a relative. Most likely an older brother. That would explain the reason why he wants to kill Ann because she was responsible for...

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