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In The News, Assignment Based On The News And What I Have Learned In The Class/Books. Psychology Essay

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Running head: IN THE NEWS 1
In the News 2
In the News
Camille Kangas
Northcentral Technical College
This article is about a study conducted. The study found that mothers across the world had a similar response to crying babies. Authored by Jacqueline Howard, it was last updated on the 25th of October, 2017 and published on CNN. The study was conducted on new mothers. Researchers wanted to know if mothers who live in different countries responded differently. They discovered a few things from the research. 
In the article stated, according to Howard’s finding, the brain activity during movement, speech and caregiving heightened in mothers’ brain. The MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) scans showed that when a mother hears a baby cry, the regions in brain that help in movement, grasping, speech and processing of auditory stimuli are triggered. The cries usually signal alarm. It was also found that oxytocin and several other brain chemicals in mothers may be reinforcing the urgency of response. According to Robert Froemke’s study on oxytocin, it was found that oxytocin plays a major role in mother and infant bonding. Froemke thinks that since oxytocin plays an important role in bonding, it could also play a role in triggering the response of new mothers to the cries of a baby. Other studies that aren't related to this one found that different the different methods of child delivery- vaginal or cesarean- could affect the levels of oxytocin in mothers. However, the study was not adequate. Researchers agree on needing some more studies on the brain and behavior of these mothers and a control study on adults that are not mothers, to determine if they would respond the same or differently. The study had its own limitations, so researcher cannot move forward with their research (Howard, 2017). 
The research correlates to the chapters I learned from the psychology book. It talks about oxytocin and brain chemicals, mothers’ brain/behavioral response to crying babies. The article also includes a bit about the study: information about the participants and the equipment the researchers used. The study is based on the coordination of two parameters of observation, behavior and brain.  The article probably uses a bit of chapter 2 and chapter 4. At the very end, the article would cover a bit of chapter 5 and 9. Chapter 2 ventures into the biology of mind which does cover the biological part of mind, brain, and the nervous systems. Also, the instruments used to monitor brain activity: electroencephalogram (EEG), positron emission tomography (PET), magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), functional MRI (fMRI). The tools MRI and fMRI are used to observe the mothers brain when it was exposed to the cries of a baby. The article talks about the parts of the brain that were activated in the duration of the experiment. That covers much of chapter 2 in the textbook. As for chapter 4, it does have some connection to the article. Chapter 4 talked about nature and nurture....

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