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In The Novel "Perfume", Discuss How Patrick Suskind Tells A Story In Which There Are No Relationships Of Any Strength, And No Dialogue Of Any Length.

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In the novel 'Perfume', Patrick Suskind achieves something that is quite magical. Throughout the story, he narrates the story where the main character does not have any sort of relationships with other people. Suskind also avoids using dialogues showing how much of an outcast the main character, Jean-Baptiste Grennouille was. The author solely concentrates on the protagonist and his actions to develop the plot. However, he still manages to convey the story to the reader and keep the audience interested for the entire length of the novel.As the novel starts in the streets of Paris in 18th century France, we are immediately introduced to the birth of Jean Baptiste. The author however, tries to emphasize more on he setting. During the first few chapters, Suskind describes the streets as filthy and basically a place that really stinks. He describes the slums as odorous and the place is described in a very gloomy mood. Throughout the initial stages, Suskind teases the audience with several near death events, but ultimately, he is rescued on multiple occasions. The basic characteristics of Jean-Baptiste are rather unique, as he is unable to produce any odor of his own, but has incredible smelling senses. This aspect of his tends to draw many uncompromising complications. He is seen as someone who is evil, possessed by demons and has devilish powers. When he was with Jeannie Bussie, as well as Father Terrier, he was unlike any other children. His qualities could have been used to an advantage by those people but instead, they were seen as a stigma. He usually freaked out the people he met and they clearly looked at him as someone who was very grotesque. Grennouille is gradually passed on like an object to handle his unique qualities and he never tends to fit in.Grennouille's power of smelling advances when he moves in with Madame Gaillard. She too is unable to smell but Grennouille is finally able to somehow settle in with her. We also get to see Grennouille's resilience when he is with Madame Gaillard. Jean Baptiste comes under serious pressure and bullying from other kids but he is able to scare them off, willingly or unwillingly. It is important to not that he has no real conscience and therefore cannot separate the right from the wrong easily. His characteristics and appearance is a big barrier to his daily life and he cannot interact with anyone. Grennouille however, is not bothered by the treatment he receives and always seems to play with death. He barely visible conscience means that he doesn't have much...

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