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In The Play Romeo And Juliet The Real Tragedy Is That Everyone Loses. Discuss. English Essay

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In the play Romeo and Juliet the real tragedy is that everyone loses. Discuss.
William Shakespeare's critically acclaimed drama, Romeo and Juliet is about two misfortuned lovers whose immense passion lead to the defiance of their noble families, the Capulets and the Montagues and in time,  ending the an ancient grudge. A feud, proving much too important to be resolve than to invest in true love that both Romeo and Juliet have for one another.  The price of intimacy, hate and parental misguidance leads the two adolescent lovers to forfeit their prosperous futures and tragically end their young lives.
Romeo and juliet's incapability to conquer and overcome these obstacles affirms the real tragedy of Romeo and Juliet is that everyone loses.
Forbidden love ends tragically end in death of Romeo and Juliet which is a great loss to their families.
Order in 15th century Verona is organised in a Patriarchal society, in which oppresses Juliet’s true love for her Romeo that leads to her ill-fate. The meaning of a Patriarchal society, is the order of which the family operates.  This ideology based on  the concept of father-rule, where males are the primary authority figures. Juliet's father Capulet has every right to his daughter. The activities she does, the material she learns down to the man she marries. Capulet, interested in keeping his family affluent and aristocratic, he chooses Paris, a young, handsome, wealthy Prince to Escalus.  When Juliet refuses to wed he calls Juliet a ‘disobedient wretch’, and threatens her to ‘hang, beg, starve, [and] die in the streets’. In a storm of anger, he leaves the rooms, and followed by his wife, who, like him, has disowned their child: ‘Do as thou wilt, for I have done with thee’. In shakespearean times nursing an infant was left to an employed waiting staff, also known as the Nurse. “An honour! were not I thine only nurse, I would say thou hadst suck'd wisdom from thy teat.” The Nurse is Juliet's only true mother figure, she is her one and only confidante. Besides the fact that Lady Capulet gave birth to Juliet, she remained distant, disowning her like her father. Lady Capulet is cold and unsympathetic; she does not understand her daughter’s grief. Juliet speaks politely to her mother, addressing her formally as ‘your ladyship’ and ‘Madam’ and appears to be thankful for the ‘day of joy’ that is so...

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