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The story starts out at Dismount Fort, where the main character, Bin Shao talking with his wife, Meilan about why they deserved a apartment in the Worker's Park. You see, Bin works at the Harvest Fertilizer Plant and every year a couple of workers would be chosen to live at the Worker's Park. Day and night Bin was excited about whether he would be chosen. Meilan suggested that they try to bribe Secretary Liu and Director Ma in hope that they would give them a home, but Bin was too stubborn and decided not to spend any money them. Even though Bin was not a scholar, his handwriting was one's. Five years ago people had been amazed and remarked, "A beauty loves a scholar indeed." Although Meilan was not beautiful and Bin was not a true scholar, compared with him she was a better match, having several suitors. The day had finally come; the final list was posted on the notice board in front of the plant's entrance. Bin went there but didn't find his name among the lucky ones. He was furious and so were many others. In all the workshops angry voices were rising while those who were chosen turned silent at once. His mind was full, how was he going to tell Meilan the bad news? After work, he was cycling home on his bicycle absently. The moment he passed the railroad crossing near the northern end of the plant, he saw the Party secretary, Liu Shu. Bin caught up with him and got off his bicycle. He asked, "May I have a word with you, Secretary Liu?" Liu nodded and Bin asked, "Why didn't I get housing this time. Liu answered, "You are not alone, over a hundred comrades are still in line. Don't you know that?" Bin answered, " I've worked here for six years. Hou Nina has been here for only three years, but she got an apartment this time. Why? I cannot understand this." Lin told him bluntly, " That's a decision made by the Housing Committee. They believe she needs it more than you. Women and men are equal in our new society. You have a place to live now, but she has stayed with her folks in the village all these years. She needs her own place to get married. Her wedding has been put off twice; she can't remain single forever." Bin didn't say a word; instead he hopped on his bicycle, riding away without saying goodbye. He was still choking with anger, he knew that Liu had an apartment there, but this time he took a larger one. He kept on saying in his hide, "This is unfair, unfair!" At home Meilan blamed Bin for not giving Liu and Ma two bottles of Grain Sap. She said, "A few bottles of liquor are a small cost. How many times did I tell you? But you wouldn't listen." They decided that they would report the corrupt men. That night Bin drew a cartoon, he drew a dozen midget men and women, and two that he made resemble Liu and Ma. Behind them he drew a six-story building with broad balconies and tall windows, from which fluorescent rays were darting out. The drawing finished, Bin dipped a smaller brush in the ink, and then...

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