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In The Rest Of The Novel, How Does Steinbeck Use Crooks To Present Attitudes To Black People At The Time The Novel Is Set?

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Steinbeck uses the novella ’Of Mice and Men’ and the workers on the ranch to show the microcosm of the 1930s American Society and culture. He especially portrays Crooks in a particular way to show how Black Americans were treated in this time that the novella was set.

Steinbeck uses Crooks throughout the novella to present the role of Black Americans. The first introduction of Crooks is given through Candy’s speech when he is describing the character of Crooks to George and Lennie. “Ya see the stable buck’s a nigger” He mentions Crooks by the way in which all the ranch workers address him which is as the word “nigger” during the course of the novella. This is seen as acceptable in 1930s ...view middle of the document...

Steinbeck also shows how Crooks is isolated and lonely from the other ranch workers. The chapter shows the walls of Crooks’ character become broken as he reveals more and more about himself. Steinbeck shows through this that Black American children did not understand what was happening as racism was not common for them. Through the ranch microcosm he shows how Crooks is at a disadvantage compared to the other ranch workers as they have each other and he has no-one.

Crooks also has a lower status than all the other characters which also includes the character of Curly’s wife. As he has little status, when he gets a chance to get some power he is very happy. He tricks Lennie into thinking that George is never going to return by asking Lennie “what if George doesn’t come back, what you gonna do then?” when George has gone with some of the ranch workers to the cathouses. Steinbeck does this to communicate to the readers how Crooks is secluded and lonely. He wants to show what this is like and he uses the character of Lennie as the readers feel sympathy for him because of his mental disability. Using the reason that George may ever come back scares Lennie as Lennie depends on George a lot for the simplest of tasks. This shows the similarities between the themes of power and loneliness. As once Crooks gains a little power by making Lennie feel lonely he suddenly feels better as he doesn’t feel as isolated.

As a Black American Steinbeck also shows how they are given little status. Crooks is mentioned not to be respected on the ranch such as when Candy describes the way he is treated by the boss as Candy says to emphasise his colour how, ‘The boss gives the stable buck hell’. This is because the boss thinks that because he is not white and...

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