On The Subject Of Gay Marriage And Homosexuality A Manifesto

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On the Subject of Gay Marriage and HomosexualityThis Gay marriage issue is a vexing one to be sure. The pro Gay marriage lobby has decided that the reason of the issue is the "Full faith and credit clause" in Article IV of the U.S. Constitution. They are claiming that if Massachusetts issues licensees for Gays to marry then all the other states of the union must honor those unions just as they do the traditional marriage between opposite sexes and I assume you are agreeing with this idea. This is a solid legal position based on a real law and I applaud the troops of this issue for wading deeply into a place you are not used to being. It takes guts.Now, please let me get to the REAL reason for my missive in this manifesto. The following points are made in argument form toward the "anti-gay" marriage movement, and of homosexuality. The points made are also some quotes, songs, poems etcetera that accentuate the need for a solution to this absence of rights and ignorant backlash of "tradition stomping" society members.1) It is of just cause that we fight for the rights of two human beings who love each other and want a legal commitment whether they are Male: Male, Female: Female, Female: Male / Male: Female.2) It is only natural that we honor two who love each other legally just as we honor the time honored tradition of the vows of a reproducing husband and wife.3) I have a wonderful, old British mark IV .303 military rifle, as well as several handguns which I would love to show some of the nice movie goers, theater attendees and those out for a bite to eat in some city. I'm sure the people I meet there would be fascinated by the history and technical specifications of these firearms. Now, if you should suddenly get your hackles up over this idea I would be remiss if I did not remind you that many states in the union do not require any licenses for firearms at all. If we are going to utilize this "Full Faith and Credit" thingy, I assume it will go for all laws even our next door neighbor, Ohio, allows concealed carry in their fine state.4) So, since they are suddenly so concerned with the U.S. Constitution, I certainly hope that I'm allowed to enjoy the same legal rights in this wonderful country that the people in over 30 States of the Union enjoy.5) The other day in France a woman married a corpse. For some reason, this reminded me of Democratic Party primary voters and John Kerry. However, other conclusions can be drawn from this.. Because marrying a dead person is apparently entirely legal in la republique francaise I must point out that a French corpse has more rights than a California gay. The French corpse has a duller club scene though, I'm sure. haha.6) But these days' proponents of gay marriage have no trouble plucking examples from the newspapers of the mess the straights have made of matrimony. It doesn't seem to me like the straight people have done that great a job with their Marriage "privilege"7) Though there were no speeches at the...

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