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In The Tallest Tower Essay

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Today she goes on the rooftop. From the third highest branch of the old oak tree with cracked brown bark she leaps onto the hard wooden shingles of the coverings then clambers up as high as she can go until she sit on the edge of the chimney stack. While others her age are inside, huddled over their computers and smartphone like cavemen over the first fire, she sits alone at the top of the world, bereft of the comfort of technology, gazing over the empty streets. She watches the road like a falcon, eyes peeled wide, and waits for more patiently then a girl her age should be able to, for a brave knight in green.
Underneath her in the house her little brother sleeps, he is only three and ...view middle of the document...

Still, the mother sometimes wonders where the king of her heart is, if he will ever come home and occasionally the girl will ask why her mother the knight had to leave in the first place.
Held in the tight girl’s hands are letters from the knight. Written in the black ink of his scrawl, his words hold a tight slant to them and his “t’s” have high crosses. Notes from him arrive infrequently and sporadically; months will pass then on days of no special importance they will receive whole stacks of them tied together with a bit of twine. On days like this they will gather around the kitchen counter the three of them clustered around his words like pageant queens around a mirror, it is the girl’s job to read them aloud, her mother gently helping her with the words she stumbles on. The knight tells them of his journeys; of the distant lands he has traveled to and the monsters he had faced. He tells of magicians who can conjure explosions of smoke and dust out of nowhere, dragons that ate up dozens of men, reigning terror from above and beasts with a thousand heads that breathe lead fire. He details accounts of the strange lands he has explored; places where some woman are so beautiful that they must hide their face, sandy terrains where it never rains, marketplaces with a thousand different smells and ...

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