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"In The Heat Of The Night" By John Ball Plot Notes

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The plot of the story in "In the Heat of the Night" is very intriguing. It starts off with Sam talking to Ralph at the all-night drive in. After eating his snack, he finds Enrico Mantoli dead in the middle of a highway. Next, Sam searched the railroad station, and arrested Virgil Tibbs. The Pasadena Police arrested Harvey Oberst and Virgil interviewed him. Sam went to the Endicott's place and talked with the Endicotts. Bill Gillespie receives a phone call from Frank Schubert telling him to use Virgil as a scapegoat. Virgil meets Jess to get a car. Later that day, Sam and Virgil goes to the Endicott's place and talks with the Endicotts, Duena, and Mr. Kaufmann. After the discussion about Mr. Mantoli, Virgil interrogates Harvey Oberst. Sam patrolled the streets at night, and he met Kaufmann and found out that he was going to Atlanta. The next day, Ralph accuses Gottschalk of Mantoli's murder. Gottschalk was interrogated and Virgil found out that the murder did not occur on the highway. Virgil Tibbs goes on the night route with Sam. The next day, Bill puts Sam in jail because he thought Sam stole Mantoli's wallet. Gillespie questions Delores and she accused Sam of rape. Tibbs went to the Endicott's place by himself to ask them questions. Duena went to see Sam and Sam proved to Duena that he did not kill Mr. Mantoli. Next, Virgil eats dinner with Jess and his son. After the dinner, Virgil was attacked by two men, but Virgil kicked their butts. Then Tibbs questions Delores Purdy. After, Virgil clears Sam's name and arrests Ralph. Tibbs explains the whole case to everyone and concluded that Ralph was the one who killed Mr. Mantoli. Virgil Tibbs shook hands with Bill Gillespie and left on the train.There were examples of exposition in the story. On page 2, it says, "It made him again conscious, as it had for the past three years..." On page 13, it says, "...station that...

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