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"In The Time Of The Butterflies" A Story About Love

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In the time of the Butterflies, by Julia Alverez, is a story about love. This story also

reviels how the Mirabel sisters get involved in the revolution against Trujillo's politics and how

they deal with their family and friends in the meanwhile. It is remarkable and catching story

because it explains how these sisters achieve liberty throughout their union during a terrible reign

where women have few rights and brave people are massacred because there's no freedom of

speech. Throughout the storytelling, the sisters come across obstacles that require their opinions

and decisions to be made; decisions that involve choosing the revolution or to protect and care for

thier loved ones. In most circumstances, the sisters choose to protect and care for each other and

others because they know they won't have that strength and ambition in them anymore if they

lose each other or one of their loved ones. Because the bond between the sisters never diminishes,

they are always strong and capable of being in power as a whole, not individually. The sisters

protect each other during the toughest times, they always have that yearning to battle for their

husbands and keep them alive, and they protect their parents, excluding them from some

situations where they know it is hard for them to understand or conform with.

The Mirabel sisters never stray from one another because of the connection they

have and the love they have for each other, which makes them stronger together than apart and

that helps keep themselves courageous. By showing their love and care towards each other and

other people, they make decisions that correspond with every one of them. "Accepting a pardon

meant we thought we had something to be pardoned for. Also, we couldn't be free unless

everyone else was offered the same opportunity"(236). Using "we" means that they think together

as a whole, being unselfish, and they compromise their lives and choose to suffer and live

uncomfortably in that prison because their cellmates don't get that opportunity to be free. In this

case, they make this decision out of the act of love; not completely ignoring their role in the

revolution by staying in prison, but postponing that responsibility until they get freed the way

they think is right. One of the sisters, Dédé, truly proves herself as a strong and caring woman for

her sisters when she declares to be Minerva to the SIM, showing less fear of being in trouble with

the SIM and more love and care for her sister. " I will never forget the terror on Dédé's face. How

she reached for my hand. How when we were asked to identify ourselves, what she said was, '

My name is Minerva Mirabel' " (277). The sisters are always determined to protect each other,

even though that sometimes meant making a verdict that would get one of each other in trouble to

protect the real victim.


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