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In The Waiting Room Essay

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I wake up in a waiting room. Six blue seats on either side of the room lined perfectly. I’m in the one farthest to the entrance of the room, I am the only one here. I look to my side to see an old stereo on a coffee table with a trashcan underneath. A door leading to a bathroom is next to the table. This whole place seems odd, how did i get here? what am i doing here?

The room is lit with fluorescent bulbs, cheap floating ceiling is everywhere along with white walls and a carpeted floor. the sound of the lights above is the only thing to break the noise in the room, everything is dead quiet.

My entire body feels powerless, It’s a tiredness that consumes my limbs with no energy to lift or ...view middle of the document...

The chair and record lockers are neatly tucked in the corner. The rest of the room is hidden by another wall splitting the office and what seemed to be rooms where patients could be checked upon. Each of them are identical to the first one with three in total. The fourth and last room of the section is a closet, filled with medication and sterilized equipment.

I am completely alone here, nothing to do or say I lay down on the exam bed in one of the rooms and slowly begin to think who am I and why I am here. I fall asleep soon after.

I begin to dream. dream of the room filled with life. like everything was backed to normal. i step through the entrance and i see a woman sitting at the desk i saw earlier talking on the phone, she waves at me then to which i sit in the waiting room and on the same chair to which i awoke earlier the past day. i then begin to hear her shout, but i cannot make out what she says. I begin to move as i watch along, being a spectator in my own body i walk into the waiting room. the room is the same as the one i am currently sleeping in only there’s a woman doctor there, she gestures that i take a seat and begins to talk. yet all i can hear is the ticking coming from the three analog clocks in the room all set to 3:13pm. The ticking is loud and even surpasses the woman’s voice as she talks to me, I beg to ask her what she is saying but to no avail can i understand her. the ticking becomes so loud i begin to hear it in my head progressively getting worse until i finally awake. awake to the sound of a clock ticking.

The tears fill the small pocket between my eyes and puffy cheeks. it’s flowing all directions; landing in my hair, going down into my ear canals muffling the sobbing as if a mermaid had lost their most beloved i can hear it from below, it passes by the bridge and soon the nostrils of my nose, touching my lips they taste of salt. all of this streaming from my inside as the pain builds, emotional pain is the one thing I cannot endure. There would have to be an abundance of cuts and bruises to amount to the pain i feel inside, it covers my entire body like another layer over my skin making me frail and tender to all things emotional.

Stemming from the depths of my memories and past doings the fear and sadness all built up on that bed and released through me, I couldn’t handle it any longer as it slowly broke the dykes keeping it all in. Some say it’s foolish to keep it in because no matter what, it will...

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