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In The Wood Essay

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There is always a reason for things to be and a purpose for what they become in the world where interdependence is the mode of life of all that is existed. Human in his selfish nature is constantly moving toward a complete extraction of his self from the circle of correlation with the other creatures to present himself as the highest being in nature, although forgetting the basic of who he really is. In spite of all the knowledge that human can accumulate, if forgetting his own self, all this knowledge won’t serve to any good. To be capable of living in all of his potency he must know himself; basically his nature and to know so, he must to go to an excursion, lose himself in nature and ...view middle of the document...

In many occasion he reinforces that same reason of going to wood like for example when he mentions that there is nothing that old folks can teach you for they who are counseling you front themselves the same problems that you are confronting and their lives have not been a success so what exactly can they teach you? One need to front the situation himself makes his own mistake and learns from it. To live might have different meaning depend on which type of life that one has lived in this world today, but in spite of all the evolution and convention one must seek to know the reason of living that can only be learned from nature. Exploring the truth of what is not only accepting what people tell you to be the truth. Sometimes one must go in depth to the heart of reality to understand for himself the truth of things.
One must think his own thought, not what some fools have placed into his mind. Sometimes one must take his own destiny into his hand take control of himself and not be listening to what other’s asking him to do, for most of the time they are taking advantage of ones naiveté. Thoreau in his text make reference to this when he explain that universities are kind of a business they do not practice with the students what he must know but instead teach them bunch of theories of some old people. Instead of having company building the house where the students will settle under while receiving the bread of instruction let have them build it themselves, like that they will acquire the knowledge. If the birds can build their nest so it is that human can build their own house.” I think therefore I am”(cogito ergo sum) said Descartes, the reason of knowing that one exists as human is not because one can move or one is present but one must be able to think his own thought. One can be present or be living on this earth and his name or his being is passed unrepresented if one has not himself affect his society, and to be able to do that one must have the ability to think his own thought whether it is someone else’s thought that one makes become his in his own way like Thoreau did when buying the Irish guy’s house and uses the materials to make his own.
Be your own witness of what nature is for it is not always good to be hearing what others have to say about the surrounding, one must experience it to understand it. Nowadays with all the technologies people do not experience the nature they do not know what a natural alarm clock sounds like with what kind of melody that the night is introduced and what is an amazing choir of nature is rocking human to sleep. In his text Thoreau explained all the noise of nature truthfully he enjoyed it. Be in nature and not knowing how it sounds like is like living under the same roof with one’s own mother and not even understand the tone of her voice. The animal knows the nature, they know when a severe weather is coming and they know as well how to prepare for it but nowadays one has to wait on the weather man to...

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