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In The World Of Mobile Applications

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Mobile Application were designed to be used on smart phones, tablets and any other hand held devices. Mobile Applications have become such a viral thing in today’s century. Mobile Communication has integrated so much in our lives we almost feel incomplete if we were to leave our cell phones at home. When mobile apps were first created it were just the basic applications on your software such as, calculator, calendar and clock. The first cell phone manufactured was the Motorola Brick this phone was just a simple operating system whereas it was only use for calling and the only application was the contact list. In the 90’s cell phones were monochromatic with shade of grey and the resolution was very low. The screen size was small and had limited storage space as well as processing power.
Operating System such IOS, Windows, Android and Blackberry has taken application to the next level. In the new millennium mobile communication toke a whole new evolution to applications and the content of the phone. Every smartphone created typically is targeted to each consumer whether it be young adults, adults, entrepreneurs, etc. Studies show that young adults are the highest to adopt to smartphones with around 80% owning a smartphone. Adults aging from 65 and older have also increasingly began choosing smartphones over regular cell phones. Companies such as Blackberry, Apple and Samsung targets their products to young adults, adults, and entrepreneurs. These companies do this by adding features on the smartphone that consumers may need and want.
In 2008 the apple store launched in July with 500 apps within that same year Android launched 50 apps in October. The Windows Phone Marketplace launched in late October 2010. By July 2011 it had nearly 30,000 apps. As of Jan. 2012, it has almost 50,000. The BlackBerry App World had about 37,000 at the end of July 2011.
Apple reached the 100,000 app mark first, a little more than a year after launch, in November 2009. Skipping ahead, the Android Market hit 200,000 in early 2011 and nearly doubled its developer output through the remainder of the year. As of now, the Market has about 400,000 apps available while iOS has nearly 550,000.
Technology has advanced drastically we went from using telegraphs to telephones, to, car phones, to cell phones, and lastly smart phones. Mobile applications are so convenient for business how viral they became over the years. Mobile apps also will tell a lot about a person because what ever apps you download off the market this will implement what you like doing whether its games, books, social media app and so on. Some of the Advancements that mobile applications allow you to do is secure your household. Sometimes people may forget to turn off their electronics or even their lights with just a click of a button you can power off or power on your device from your smart phone. I see this as advancement because couple years ago you would have had to went back home to...

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