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In the world today, many words and sayings come with different definitions and meanings for it. These meanings come through a sort of time line of definitions. These definitions are occupied by what are great ancestors thought would be a great definition for the words we have today. Throughout the dawning of the time these definitions changed throughout each decade, giving a greater meaning for each word in are vocabulary. With the words that we inquired throughout the centuries, in our dictionary, a whole lot of meanings came with them. If we didn't have any definitions for the words they wouldn't have any meaning. The language today would make no sense. They world would be in disarray. Everybody having their own definition for their own words. But that happens now days anyway. People read a definition for a word and put it into a sense that they can believe in, using examples or their own type of similarity to make them understand the word or words even more. This is kind of backwards because or ancestors came up with different definitions for each word. Everybody knows that the definitions changed because one person had a different argument and disbelieve on what the word means. That's why if you look some dictionaries has a different meaning for a word. That's why people probably create similarities to make the word or group of words sink into their brains. That's the easiest way to do it. It is known that many people throughout history had different views on what the meaning of a word or words meant. The most famous one was in the Apology, in which Socrates, a famous philosopher, has like a little quarrel with Euthyphro, a younger prophet, about what is taught to be holy and what isn't to be holy. Socrates asks Euthyphryo what does he feel is the meaning of these words in regards to the gods. Euthyphryo avoids giving a clear definition and goes on giving many examples on what he feels is the true meaning based on what he feels the gods feel is holy and not holy. He gives examples on what his family feels about him being the prosecutor of his own father; his father was thought not to be a murderer but killed a murderer for the good of the community. In enlightment to this he compared his father of that to the god Zeus killing his own father and Zeus father killing his own father, basically it was a tradition to kill your father. So euthrpho tried to make it just puts Socrates states true indeed that is told in the books, but how do we now it to be true. Then he goes and asks for the definition to make him understand his perception on what he feels to be holy and unholy. But throughout the story Eutrypoho gives many examples which in return he receives a sarcastic remark from Socrates and in...

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