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In This Essay I Shall Discuss The Different Approaches Berlie

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In this essay I shall discuss the different approaches Berlie Doherty used to conceive the idea of teenage pregnancy. The characters that I'll address will be Chris, Helen, Jill, and Helens mother.A good book leaves a lot of ambiguity, there is room for the reader to read their own life experience into the book and this book shows that well. The fact that Berlie Doherty is a man, changes my perspective of this book, because the approach of a female author would perhaps of been more dominant in forcing her biased opinion onto the readers. Unlike the male author, who purposely introduces variable characters with different backgrounds and of different ages so that the reader is not pressured into condemning his or her thoughts to one viewpoint. The unborn child is a fundamental character in this book, the child is used for people to express their feelings openly about teenage pregnancy.Chris is 18, he's in upper sixth form. Chris is a very sensitive person and the whole prospect of being a father slightly scares him. But the idea of it is a challenge that he is willing to take on, as he sees the situation as an opportunity for him to become more mentally mature. I think that Chris feels guilty and this is partly why he believes that it is his duty to stay with Helen and look after their baby. Chris' and Helens future seemed to have crumbled beneath them, as they both wanted to go to university, Chris' Uni was in Newcastle and Helens was in Sheffield. I think the author did this deliberately because it gives the aspect of being pregnant at such a crucial stage in a young persons life and it may somewhat warm the reader to the character more with the feeling of empathy. Because Chris feels ashamed that he impregnated Helen, he struggles to tell some people that he will be a father but with others it is easy, I think Chris finds it easier to talk to some because perhaps these people that he told aren't judgmental. 'She's having a baby, sir. We split', Chris came out with that comment without any hesitation, he was speaking with his hippie teacher, whom he trusted and found inspirational. The author consciously adds mutual characters to make the story less intense for the reader. Chris feels that he might aswell not be the father by the way he is being treated by Helens family, he feels shut out and un-informed. At first Helen acted hostile towards Chris and then after a while she told him their relationship was over and that saddened Chris immensely as he loved Helen a considerable amount. To relieve himself of his grief Chris decides to go on a holiday to France with his closest friend Tom. Whilst in France Chris meets a girl that he takes a liking to called Bryn, in a way Bryn reminds him of Helen.Towards the end of the book the author sends Chris to France so that the characters can be concentrated on as an individual, because their lives are always inter-twining with eachothers, but the author knowingly kept an element of Helen in the story by...

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