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In This Essay I Am Going To Express My Views On The Bad Aspects Of Tv, And Explain What They Are. Possibly, This Essay May Change Your Views On Tv And How It Is Used.

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In this essay I am going to express my views on the bad aspects of TV, and explain what they are. Possibly, this essay may change your views on TV and how it is used.The truth is that most TV shows suck. This is especially true in so-called "situation comedies". The reason they have to add that stupid laugh track is so you know what part is 'supposed' to be funny. If you'll notice, the funniest and most successful shows don't usually have laugh tracks, such as The Simpsons, because it's a well enough written show that you can laugh at the parts you think are funny. Instead of the laughing machine telling you which parts are funny. Yet, people sit through shows that they don't even like because they are too lazy to do anything else while they are waiting for a good show to come on. Personally, I have about 60 channels, and in an hour period of time, there is maybe one good show on. That's not much to select from. Since television's primary purpose is to advertise, you also have to sit through about 10 minutes of commercials per 30 minute program. So, a 30 minute show is, in reality, only actually 20 minutes.TV is mind numbing. In order to reach its maximum potential audience, so that the sponsors can sell more product, TV shows have to be dumbed down to the point of having little or no intellectual value or relevance. Which causes smart people to become less intelligent. TV is always moving at a fast speed, there is usually action or a confrontation in every scene of a show so that viewers don't lose interest. This tends to make people bored in real life which is an awful thing because you tend to become lazy and unmotivated, which will cause you to watch more TV (do you see the cycle).TV is too censored. Only a handful of corporations control what you can and can't see on TV, and who are they to say what should be censored and what...

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