In This Essay I Identify And Discuss The Assessment Methods That I Use Within My Training.

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CONTENTSINTRODUCTION1ASSESSMENT2PRE ASSESSMENT FORMS2ASSIGNMENTS3OBSERVATION3PRINCIPLES OF ASSESSMENT4INTERNET RESEARCH5REFLECTION6BIBLIOGRAPHY6In this essay I identify and discuss the assessment methods that I use within my training.ASSESSMENTIs finding out formally or informally how students are progressing throughout the course? Students are assessed to ensure that they have understood what they been taught and to ensure that the course was enjoyable and all course objectives have been meet. Information gained from assessment is collected and is used for evaluation. Assessment monitors student's progress this determines that the course content and methods of delivery are correct, any problems will also be highlighted. Monitoring students progress allows me to give students constructive feedback, students like to know how they are progressing and how they can improve their workPRE ASSESSMENT FORMSMajor CharacteristicsPre assessment forms are essential for my planning of the advanced courses, as advanced courses require student's level of knowledge to be high. All students' levels are different and student's knowledge may vary in different areas. Pre assessment forms highlight areas that need to be covered on the course. A Course can be adapted in advance thus allowing me to prepare appropriate material before the course commences. Pre assessment forms enable me to filter out students who actually should be attending the introduction course.Rational for choiceBefore students book onto an advanced course they must ensure that course pre-requisites are meet. Some students do not meet all pre-requisites but their level of knowledge is more advanced so an introduction course would not be beneficial where as some students believe that their knowledge is very high where in fact they should attend an introduction course first. Pre course assessment asks the students questions on their knowledge of certain tasks, which are performed with the applications. The form enables me to access student's knowledge of the software and change the course accordingly to meet all student needs.ConclusionAt present Pre assessment forms are only used for the advanced courses but I will introduce them for all courses as they do ensure that students attend the correct course. I have also used the information from Pre assessment forms to make changes to course outlines, for example, a great deal of students do not know how to use tabulation so I have now incorporated this within the course.ASSIGNMENTSMajor CharacteristicsStudents are instructed on how to perform tasks within an application, students are then given an assignment to complete before moving on to the next part of the course, this allows students to practice what they have learned. Students work from handouts thus allowing me to assess student's knowledge throughout the course by monitoring their progression of the given assignments. Assessing students assignments will highlight any problems, and if needed the...

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