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In This Essay, I Am Going To Write About The Social And Historical

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In this essay, I am going to write about the social and historical
context of Of Mice and Men, and how the dreams of certain people in
the ranch went wrong and ended in tragedy.

In this essay, I am going to write about the social and historical
context of 'Of Mice and Men', and how the dreams of certain people in
the ranch went wrong and ended in tragedy. Most of the characters in
'Of Mice and Men' admit, at one point or another, to dreaming of a
different life. Before her death, Curley's wife confesses her desire
to be a movie star. Crooks allows himself the for the fantasy of
hoeing a patch of garden on Lennie's farm one day, and Candy latches
on desperately to George's vision of owning a couple of acres.

John Steinbeck wrote this novel because he wanted people to realise
the consequences of the great American depression between 1930 and
1940. It showed how people interacted with each other and it showed
the misery of the economical depression and how poor and different
race people were treated. In 'Of Mice and Men' Steinbeck describes how
punishing and challenging the life of migrant farmers could be. Just
as George and Lennie dream of a better life on their own farm, these
farmers dreamed of finding a better life in their world. The state
where they lived promised a climate for a longer growing season and it
offered more opportunities to harvest crops. Despite these promises,
very few found it to be the land of opportunity and plenty of which
they dreamed.

George and Lennie are migrant American labourers. George protects his
friend from the insecure world and shares with him a dream of one day
settling down and farming their own land to live a better life. The
farm that George describes to Lennie, the few acres of land on which
they will grow their own crops, is one of the most powerful symbol in
the book. It shows the reader to believe in the possibility of the
freedom it promises. The dream of owning a farm was their great
American dream, which the hopeful couple expected to become a reality.
They were inspiring success for their dream because they were
different from the others, as George explains to Lennie in the novel "Guys
like us, that work on ranches, are the loneliest guys in the world.
They got no family. They don't belong no place…With us it ain't like
that. We got a future. We got somebody to talk to that gives a damn
about us."

Lennie's innocence raises him to a pure goodness. His passion for the
vision of their future farm proves communicable as he convinces
George, Candy, Crooks that such dream might be possible. However,
Lennie is a character whom Steinbeck sets up for disaster, a character
whose innocence only to ensure him destruction. George wanted freedom
to live in safety and comfort with Lennie, free from the people like
Curley and Curley's wife, who suppose to exist only to cause trouble
for them. Lennie is responsible for George's belief in this safe
world, but...

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