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In This Study I Will Be Comparing The 2 Poems, To Autumn And Ozymandias.

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In this study I will be comparing the 2 poems, To Autumn and Ozymandias.
I have chosen these two poems because out of the four that we have
looked at, I have found these to be the most interesting.

In this study I will be comparing the 2 poems, To Autumn and
Ozymandias. I have chosen these two poems because out of the four that
we have looked at, I have found these to be the most interesting.
Ozymandias revolves more around time than nature, whereas To Autumn
revolves around nature more than time.

Ozymandias is on the surface a nice little tale of a big bad man who
made a statue that has been destroyed. However if you probe at it, you
realise that it is actually all about time and nature destroying
everything. I shall go into this further later.

To Autumn would, at first glance, seem to be simply about Autumn and
how it is the "close-bosom friend of the maturing sun" but if you look
in detail at the words used you can see that there is an underlying
tone that is far more grim.

Both poems have both rhyme and rhythm. In Ozymandias, there are 10
syllables per line, except one, where there are 11. In To Autumn,
there are also, about 10 syllables per line. As a result the rhythm in
both is pretty constant. As well as rhythm, they have rhyme. In
Ozymandias, the rhyme is the end of lines 1 & 3 & 5, 2 & 4, 6 & 8, 7 &
10, 9 & 11 & 13, and 12 & 14. In To Autumn the end of all lines in
each stanza do rhyme with at least one other, in this way: 1st & 3rd,
2nd & 4th, 5th & 9th & 10th, 6th & 8th, 7th & 11th. This pattern is
repeated in each stanza.

Ozymandias is simply a big single stanza; To Autumn however is a poem
with 3 stanzas. But these do not really seem to flow together. They
rather seem to be almost different poems. Each stanza carries their
own message, which I believe, show John Keats views on various things.
For example, the first stanza is to do with life and growth
("ripeness", "budding", "plump"), the second is about laziness and
inactivity ("sitting careless", "half reap'd", "sound asleep") and the
third stanza is about death ("soft-dying", "mourn", "dies"). I think
this shows Keats' view on life; that we are born, we live, and then we

Another thing that I think this poem shows about Keats is his view on
death. I believe that after death, there is nothing to be feared, as
if you look at his poem. After the 1st half of the 3rd stanza, all the
death seems to have been left behind. It is very musical ("bleat",
"sing", "whistles") which I think shows that Keats believes that after
death you go to heaven.

As well as all this, one other thing that I can deduce from reading
John Keats' poem, is that he doesn't think that time should be wasted.
His three stanzas all represent the senses of the human body; the
first stanza is on touch, feel and taste ("sweet", "ripeness",
"fruit"), the second is on sight and smell ("seen", "fume",
"watchest") and the third is on hearing ("songs",...

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