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In This Written Project I Try To Focus On To The Relationship Of Drug Related Crime Increase In T.R.N.C. And How Illegal Drugs Market In This Little Island Got Effected By The Global Financial Crisis Between 2007 2010 .

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Chapter 1Introduction and OverviewIn this written Project I'll try to focus on to the relationship of drug related crime increase in T.R.N.C. and how illegal drugs market in this little island got effected by the Global Financial Crisis between 2007-2010 .At this attempt to relate drug-crime increase with economic reseccion , I'll talk about "what is economy ?","what is psychoeconomy and its focusing area?"as well as general information about Global Financail Crisis and effects that had been seen in economy.The major point that I want to talk about in this written work will be the increase of drug related crimes in T.R.N.C. .Aim of the researchThe aim of the my research is to make connection between the TRNC drug-crime increase with 2007 Global Financial Crisis's and look for further active elements which generated the increase of drug crimes in TRNC.Limitations of the studyLimitations towards my research study was , the all requirt information about the number of documented drug-crimes reports from TRNC Heavy Criminal Courts and Police were confidebtial reports to the eyes of one person, so I follow a path where I got the chance to meet with Mr.Mehmet Cakıcı (academician and TRNC parliament member) who had considerable amount of knowledge towards to topic. Unluckly we couldn't meet , because of his tigth time-line and unfortuniate pass of a family member . I decided to work with only published reports in newspapers.Significance of the studyThe importance of the study is to look throuth the global financial and economic movements and see througth weather TRNC is affected by these events.Overview of chapter.The following chapters are about surtten level of information towards ;What is Economy ?What is Psyco-Economy and its focusing areaGlobal Financial Crisis - Reasons and ResultsWhy do people use drugs?Why Drugs ?What is drug trafficing ?TRNC economy2001-2010 number of lawsuits issued in TRNC Heavy Criminal Courts related with drug crimesDrug kinds and amounts caugth by the TRNC police in 2003-2010Chapter 2 :2.1-What is Economy ?Economy can be studied as like one of the special area like marketing which can be changed by the way its in use ,majorly because of the situation that it conserns about.List of few different economic systems are as follows ;Mixed EconomyPlanned EconomyTraditional EconomyParticipation EconomyNonetheless , economy is one of those things which can be defined in many different understandings.Now, I would like to define economy without dividing it into to many complex levels.Economy is ; activities related to the production while being aware of the resource limitations and distribution of those produced goods and services in a particular geographic region ; or in a much more understandable definition can be the correct and effective use of available resources.Inorder to be able to understand 'economy' we have to look in to its phases to understand its functioning phases.The economy may be considered as having...

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