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In Truth I Trust : A Philosophical Reflection Tracing Individual Belief System

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My mother is a protestant (foursquare) and my father is a catholic. But it never seemed to matter. I remember during my primary education that every Sunday morning I wake up to my mother's knock on my bedroom door with the usual question: "which church do you want to go? Your dad's or mine?"My mother retained her religion even after agreeing to marry my father in his church. At first I thought of it as something pretty normal. But later, I found my self surrounded with people who only go to one church. Those whose parents have different religion before marriage adopted the religion of the other partner after marriage.My parents' views on religion are two extremes. My mother always prays. If she fails to go to church, she prays at home. Sometimes, she thinks God intervenes in some of the things that are happening and get quite emotional about it. My father, although he claims to have a religion, he rarely prays and he only goes to church when my mother tells him to. He always thought of involving God or religion in anything as lame. As a result, I started questioning religion at a very young age.I have always been keen about anything that involves religion or God. It got to a point that during my secondary education, I became an atheist. Although I did not know at which time that one who does not believe or denies the existence in/of God is branded as an atheist. As far as I can remember, it started after a class discussion about the Spanish era. Also at which time, my family was going into rough times. It was probably one of the scariest and ugliest moments of my life. And everything laid for me to see.My room was beside my parents and every night I hear them screaming at each other. And everyday, I wish they would just stop and decide that separation's best. One night, I just wanted to scream at and with them. I decided to go inside their room and do just so. And everything I saw shocked me - my mother and father was struggling for a single gun. And all which I wanted to scream at them transformed itself to tears. And then without warning, a bullet left the gun and went into the ceiling. That plus all the other violence I witnessed made extremely furious and irritated after I knew the reason behind why my parents fought.My mother is very superstitious. She even goes to fortune tellers so she could be prepared of what lies ahead for her. At one particular instance, my mother's most trusted fortune teller guessed that my father was having an affair with another woman. And . . . that's how my parents' nightly dramas started. My mother even disregarding her oldest child's testimonials speaking otherwise since he is "always" with my father. What a wonderful nonsensical drama, I thought. Of course, I can just laugh about it now after we all survived it. But then, it was the most irritating thing. And perhaps, unconsciously, my mother was a big factor of why I once became an atheist.But there was a...

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