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The topic of this essay is to further research into the science and technology associated with In Vitro Fetilisatio (IVF). IVF is a process of fertilizing an egg outside the body and then transferred back into the women’s body to hold the fetus. This process includes hormonally controlling the ovulatory process, removing the egg from the ovaries, and then letting sperm fertilise them in a fluid. IVF has an addiction technique called ovarian hyper stimulation which is a process when doctors stimulate the follicles of the ovary to get the eggs to harvest and achieve a high standard of success. IVF has been used since 1978 with the first IVF baby named Louise Brown of England and is continued today for around 10% of couples worldwide. IVF has beneficial and regretful facts that allow this technique to continue in the future but needs to be improved by the scientist around the world to avoid these regretful and harmful reasons.

In Vitro Fetilisatio or IVF is very useful in many ways but has a large price. This treatment cost usually around $7,750- $12,250 for treatment, including medicines. Only a small minority of world population is assured to have a free or reduced cost in order to afford such treatment. An overwhelming 82.6% of people who took this treatment identified financial concerns as their number one concern. It is an economical issue to citizens around the world who want to proceed in IVF but cannot receive IVF because, economical issues. It would be beneficial to society, because of the increasing number of conception failure to have the cost revisited and reduced to a standard where people in society can afford.

Another main concern about undergoing IVF treatment is a main health concern of the risk of blood clots. Blood clots form when the estrogen levels increase during the stimulation of the follicles of ovary during ovarian hyper-stimulation. This increases tendency of blood to clot. The main risk with blood clots is that they can create artery blockage. If this concern happens mothers often tend to lose their baby’s to a miscarriage. More than 45,000 women had treatment in the UK in 2010, with almost 13,000 babies born as a result. Contradicting with the economic issues the fact that the blood clots are interfering with the eggs, in the process of IVF the loss of money is also into account that the pregnancy was unsuccessful. The researchers concluded that there is an increased amount of blood clots and artery blockage in pregnancy after IVF, and they say physicians should be aware of these results being potentially fatal. If this issue...

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