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In What Ways And To What Extent Does A Doll's House Suggest That Rebellion Against Society Is Essential If The Individual Is To Find Their True Self.

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Nora is by all accounts a crazy woman. She is pathetic example for a wife and a mother. She is an individual who believes that the only way to change a society is by shocking it, and succeeds beautifully (or rather brutally). She is unsympathetic and does not believe in negotiations as a solution. The ease with which she leaves behind a broken husband and three children is appalling. Not once is she shown to have an iota of feelings towards any of them, all her feelings and actions are reserved for herself alone. She is a selfish, cold, sniveling women who falls in a trap of her own making and tries to wriggle out of it by blaming everyone else for it.Nora is the personification of confusion and dishonesty. She creates a false impression of being an immature doll in the eyes of first her father and then her husband Torvald and then in one final blow she breaks all these impressions in one single stroke leaving all her "near and dear" ones in despair. It seems to her that the only way in which she can realise her true identity is by abandoning all. And going off in a probably vain pursuit of self realization. She does not give a second thought as to how she is going to take care of herself, what is going to be the society's reaction to her abandoning her husband and children, nor does she give a damn about her own fears as to even the feasibility of actually finding her true self. It is highly probable that she may never actually find it.At the beginning of the play it is shown that she is completely dominated by her tyrannical husband, and she acts submissively. The only way that she can actually enjoy some human sentiment is by Eating Macaroons. They are shown to be her only solace in this family/marriage. She however is actually an extremely calculated woman. She aims at getting her things done in the same way a child uses their tantrums, and once her husband refuses her command their marriage is on the rocks. She is an extremely calculative woman, she knows that once her actual past of IOU comes into the fore her reputation is in the dumps and she is going to lose her husbands favour. So she uses everything in her power to secure Krogstad's reinstatement. But unfortunately for her, she fails.She thinks up an extremely laughable plot of 'a Miracle' to shift the blame from herself to he husband, she accuses him of not loving her enough and by failing to own up Her crimes on himself. This is laughable as it is clearly evident that Torvald truly loves her deeply. But it is she who is unbending, for her it is either this or nothing at all. And this is when she actually acts childish. She walks out of the relationship accusing Torvald when in reality she is the one who is responsible for making this relationship a sham. It is she who has hidden the truth from Torvald and not the other way round. She created a false silhouette of being a playful doll and her husband treated her as such . Was it his fault that she behaved like this. He treated her on...

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